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Comment: Re:Tell me how this is suppposed to work. (Score 1) 137

by ScentCone (#47433853) Attached to: Amazon Seeks US Exemption To Test Delivery Drones

It's difficult to see the market for this service as anything other than single family residence, upper class suburban.

Or to the rooftop mail room chute in a large office building that might contain hundreds of Amazon business customers. If you're picturing suburban doorstep delivery to un-prepared recipients, you're imagining the wrong scenario.

Comment: Re:Absurd (Score 4, Insightful) 154

How can any nation grant right over something outside its sovereignty?

This just codifies a long-standing common law treatment of international resources. Anyone from any country can take their ship into international waters and gather resources. Once the fish / kelp / crab / whatever is aboard the ship, it's their property. This just says we should treat space resources the same way.

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by operagost (#47431329) Attached to: My most recent energy-saving bulbs last ...

"equivalent to 100W" really means "almost equivalent to 50W" thanks to the usual practice of industry-written standards and regulations.

Agreed-- I'm not sure why companies think it's OK to claim a 600 lumen bulb is "60W equivalent". That's why you look for the lumens on the packaging. No lumen rating? Don't buy. No government intervention needed.

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Sure, let's ignore the two years when the Ds controlled both houses and the Presidency, yet nothing changed.

Sure, let's ignore the fact that the Senate is still controlled by Ds.

Sure, let's ignore the fact that the White House is still occupied by a D, who has executive power on the regulatory department capable of making some of the changes.

I'm sure it's all because of one party, and if we just eliminate that party, the Democrats will fix everything. Don't think of it as one-party rule, think of it as one fewer party.

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by operagost (#47430843) Attached to: My most recent energy-saving bulbs last ...
My experience is that GE makes, or at least MADE as of two years ago, the worst CFLs. They die within a year, especially if installed upside-down. I had a Sylvania that I bought 7 years ago that went through two moves and three light fixtures finally die after about three years in an open can fixture. The GE that replaced it died in six months. Well, sometimes it works if you fiddle with it.

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A side story on unintended consequences...

The meddlers in Congress wanted to stop the serfs from using inefficient incandescent lights. So they passed (and W signed) a bill in 2007 that, besides the phaseout we all enjoyed, required that all CEILING FANS, of all things, include an energy-saving bulb. However, they included an exemption for ones with candelabra sockets. Naturally, to save the $1-2 per unit, the manufacturers started putting candelabra sockets in every ceiling fan, even when there was plenty of room in the design for a standard socket. So now, where I would have easily swapped out the bulb for a medium-base CFL or LED myself, now instead I use the inefficient cheap incandescent they included, or I pay 2-3 times as much for an LED that actually fits the socket, or I have to buy a replacement socket and wire it in myself. Socialism FAIL.


Police Recording Confirms NYPD Flew At a Drone and Never Feared Crashing 289

Posted by timothy
from the where-is-your-flightplan? dept.
Jason Koebler (3528235) writes An air traffic control recording confirms that a New York Police Department helicopter flew at a drone hovering near the George Washington Bridge earlier this week—not the other way around. What's more, police had no idea what to charge the drone pilots with, and never appeared to fear a crash with the drone.
Two men were arrested Monday on felony reckless endangerment charges after the NYPD said the two flew their drone "very close" to a law enforcement chopper, causing the police helicopter to take evasive maneuvers. Air traffic control recordings suggest that only happened after the chopper pilot decided to chase the drone.

Comment: Re:Wait, did $Deity announce a do-over? (Score 1) 371

by ScentCone (#47419959) Attached to: Blueprints For Taming the Climate Crisis

We could have spend the amount of money we put into nuclear power into solar power.

Yeah, except that we've been using energy from powerful nuclear generation reactors for decades, and if all of that effort had gone instead into the incredibly inefficient solar technology of the day, we'd have had to burn a huge pile of coal or volume of natural gas to make up for the enormous shortfall. You seem to think that time travel is available, and that somehow even somewhat better, but still very inefficient solar tools available today could have been magically manufactured decades ago, and in enormous grids blanketing (where, exactly?). And of course you're probably also suggesting the use of the same time travel machine to send back the scientists who are only just now - despite the availability of huge amounts of capital, decades more accumulated research, and more - figuring out how to make batteries and other storage devices that kind of, sort of make sense relative to things like powering homes, let alone whole cities.

But you do know that a forrest has no effect on the CO2 level, or not? If it regrows it 'consumes' exactly the amount it yielded when it was burned?

It's a shame that you're wasting all of that energy on such an angry rant when you don't have the patience to educate yourself a bit. The enormous swaths of chopped-down rainforest aren't being allowed to grow back. They're being used to inefficiently provide lumber (once) and then provide development and farming land - activities that in turn also produce more CO2, not that you actually care.

But you do know that China has a single child policy since nearly 40 years, you do or not?

Which has nothing whatsoever to do with the the fact that their enormous and rapidly growing population is completely overtaking their ability to produce energy, clean water, and enough farmable land to keep up. Hence their steady importation of oil and food from everywhere else.

You do know that the population in Africa is constant since decades?

How is it that you think lying is helping whatever point you're trying to make? The UN has recently pointed out that sub-Saharan Africa has an exploding population, and that the population on that continent will likely quadruple before the century is out. Africa's population is the fastest growing in the world. You know this, everyone else knows this. So the fact that you're pretending it's otherwise, and lead your post with "moron" and "racist" ... well, I guess I should know better than to feed an obvious troll. I've always found that the ones who start their posts by screeching "racist!" are themselves the ones with the race problem. You certainly seem that way.

fantasy world

Hilarious. You're the one fantasizing about population trends that are the opposite of what the UN reports, that imagines time-traveling to solve energy issues, and who sees everyone who doesn't play along with your imagined alternate reality to be morons and racists. Print your post out, on paper, and set it aside someplace safe there in your mom's basement. You'll still be there in ten years, so make an appointment with yourself to read it again, and compare it to each of the next ten years' worth of UN population reports. Not that you'll have the intellectual integrity to actually do that.

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