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Snippet: Despite finding that Mayfield’s print was not an identical match to the print left on the bag of detonators, FBI fingerprint examiners rationalized away the differences, according to a report by the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG). Under the one discrepancy rule, the FBI lab should have concluded Mayfield did not leave the print found in Madrid — a conclusion the SNP reached and repeatedly communicated to the FBI. The FBI’s Portland field office, however, used that fingerprint match to begin digging into Mayfield’s background. Certain details of the attorney’s life convinced the agents that they had their man. Mayfield had converted to Islam after meeting his wife, an Egyptian.
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UK Police Won't Comment On The Tracking of People's Phone Calls 52

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Daniel_Stuckey writes You've maybe heard a bit about Stingray. Over the past couple of years, it has emerged that police forces in the US have been using the powerful surveillance tool, which tricks phones into connecting to a dragnet, to track mobile devices, and intercept calls and text messages. Meanwhile, the London Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) continue to remain tight lipped about their use of the technology, leaving citizens in the dark on what privacy protections, if any, are in place for those who may get swept up by the broad surveillance techniques.

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Ariel Sharon were not exactly blameless either being responsible for actions like the Qibya massacre in 1953.

The attack began with a mortar barrage on the village until Israeli forces reached the outskirts of the village. Israeli troops employed Bangalore torpedoes to breach the barbed-wire fences surrounding the village, and mined roads to prevent Jordanian forces from intervening. At the same time at least 25 mortar shells were fired into the neighbouring village of Budrus. The Israeli troops simultaneously entered the village from three sides. IDF soldiers encountered resistance from soldiers and village guards, and in the gunbattle that followed, 10–12 soldiers and guards defending the village were killed and Israeli soldier was lightly wounded. The soldiers did not thoroughly inspect the homes in the village for the presence of residents, and when military engineers dynamited dozens of buildings across the village, scores of civilians were killed. At dawn, the operation was considered complete, and the Israelis returned home.

Seriously this fucking blame game really have to end! Both sides have committed atrocities. To claim otherwise is at best astoundingly ignorant, at worst plain evil with roots ethnic bias.

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To put that in some context, how would the international community have reacted if the British government (during the Irish "troubles") had sent the RAF to bomb neighbourhoods in Belfast or Derry because "we think there are some terrorists there"? It wasn't acceptable then and it's not acceptable now.

But of course it is acceptable, they are all muslim terrorists set on taking over the west with explosive filled underwear not good Christians like those nice blokes in IRA and everybody else in Belfast.

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Israel isn't carpet bombing the Palestinians, they're targeting legitimate military

I doubt that UN spokesperson Chris Gunness would agree with that:

there had earlier been "firing around the compound" and his organisation had asked the Israeli army for time to evacuate civilians. "We spent much of the day trying to negotiate or to coordinate a window so that civilians, including our staff, could leave. That was never granted and the consequences of that appear to be tragic." Gunness said the Israeli military were supplied with coordinates of UN schools where those displaced were sheltering. UN sources told the Guardian a call was placed to the Israeli military at 10.55am requesting permission to evacuate but their call was not returned.

And as most of us know that ended with 15 civilians killed and over 200 injured, many severely so.

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Just gloss over the fact that Hamas is now the legitimate ruling party of a sovereign Palestinian nation, and yet violates the Geneva Conventions on a regular basis.

The Geneva convention section 3 article 53:

Any destruction by the Occupying Power of real or personal property belonging individually or collectively to private persons, or to the State, or to other public authorities, or to social or cooperative organizations, is prohibited, except where such destruction is rendered absolutely necessary by military operations.

Guess which nation that have a long history of routinely being in direct breach with article 53 in it's expansion of settlements.

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I've seen Israel do things for the benefit of Palestinian citizens that Hamas refuses to do.

Indeed, like when Israel built Gaza's first and only airport in the late 90's only to have it demolished by Hamas 4 years later. Oh! right it was the other way around.
But of course that is not a bad thing as the airport now is a valuable resource for hard to get by construction materials for the rebuilding of other structures. /sarcasm

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I certainly agree more that Iran is far, very far from a role model when it come to democracy and human rights. Then again one can question whether a nation where in many places women face increasing obstacles in getting an abortion, executes mentally handicapped, detain people for over a decade charges and engage in extraordinary rendition is that good of a role model either.

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The majority of intelligent people regardless of political affiliation do not have anything against Jews as a people as we are mentally capable of of separating the individual from the actions of the Israeli government. Can you say the same about yourself in regards to Palestinians and Hamas?

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