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Comment Re:Tax dollars at work. (Score 1) 674

PCSO's are usually people who wouldn't pass the police entrance exams so they sign up as PCSO to get to walk around in a uniform and push people around despite having no more actual authority than a private citizen. They usually have egos the size of Jupiter and get really butthurt if you point this out to them. Real police detest them as they make everyone in a police uniform look bad.

Submission + - Transgender 3D printer tech faces catch-22 with Upwork 1

orangesquid writes: http://joaz.github.io/work/201... This is a friend of mine, a 3D printer technician. Upwork.com is not being understanding of the medically-advised and legally-necessary steps she has to take in order to live her life authentically as a transgender woman. In order to get her name changed, she has to live full-time as a woman for a length of time, but upwork.com will not allow her to use her new name, even though she has documentation from her therapist. It's a catch-22 many trans* people face---in order to change their name and gender marker legally, they have to be living authentically as that person with the new name, but in order to be recognized in the community with their new name, they have to already have it changed legally. How is one supposed to prove to the court that they are trans* and need their name changed legally, if the requirement is to use the new name full-time for some period, when nobody will let them use their new name before it's legally changed? I've seen other stories unfold like this. One IT professional I know lost her job after transitioning, even though she did well and was well-liked at the company. Another friend in IT was accused of lying on her resume when a previous employer did not honor her new, legally-changed name---even though she had spoken with HR and they said there wouldn't be a problem. Someone else I know worked in a computer room and was trying to transition---her boss thought it would be funny to make jokes and lewd remarks about male genitalia around her. I know most people aren't going to understand where trans* people are coming from on this, but what's interesting here is that upwork said they had no problem with the issue, provided some documentation was provided. After documentation was provided, their story changed---why?

Comment Re:Easy solution, albeit a 'free market' one... (Score 1) 84

Out of curiosity, were those additional apps from Samsung and/or your provider? I suspect that there may be a big difference between being for example an AT&T customer with an AT&T branded device of brand X in the US versus the same in Europe, not to mention a stock OS device. For the record, despite being a sucker for the latest shiny piece of tech I have for some time now given up entirely on Smartphones. I value my privacy too much to bother with the to me minor added value they bring to me. And nope I have no neck beard. Yet!

Comment Re:That's Apple (Score 1) 78

Wow nice way of ignoring the second part of my post where I write that Apple were informed by the researchers 6 months ago. so at a minimum this is how long they have been aware of it but left it unpatched since then. And when Apple were informed they asked the researchers to wait 6 months before going public, which they did! Ignoring an issue doesn't make it go away.
And seriously. How many of the apps you bought do you actually need? My bet, not as many you might believe

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