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Obamacare subsidies are based on your MAGI, which is your AGI with some other income that only rich people have added back (dividends?), so for most people it's your AGI. AGI is your gross income minus business expenses and some other things (but not taxes, including self employment taxes). It's all on page 1 of form 1040.

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Old plan:

New Plan, closest to old plan AFAICT:

A big part of the difference is the cost of covering my kids. On the old plan, they were covered at a MUCH lower rate than my wife and I, only $121/mo. On the new plan it's pretty much the same for all of us, $400. To add insult to injury if I made somewhat less each year my kids would qualify for Dr. Dynasaur (VT expanded medicare for kids) which would be only $60/mo and of course my wife and I could get federal subidies for our coverage but then I couldn't pay my other bills. It's a catch 22. I'm glad somebody's getting something good out of obama care because I feel like I'm getting taken out to the woodshed. My only hope is that Vermont rolls out single payer on schedule and it sucks less.

VT has had relatively strict health insurance laws for some time. E.g. vermont insurers cannot discriminate by prexisting conditions if the customer has had continuous coverage. If you let your coverage drop you're screwed though. Well that's changed now I suppose.

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Hi Bruce,

I also have my own company, with one employee. I have been purchasing coverage on the private market for my family of 4 for about $880 / mo. Now that plan is being cancelled by my insurance company because it's not grandfathered. To purchase an equivalent plan through my state exchange is going to cost about $1200 mo. I make just enough that I don't qualify for meaningful subsidies, and being self employed my subsidy eligibility doesn't take into account my huge self employment tax burden. So I am left with the unpalatable options of going with a crappy "bronze" plan with a huge deductable, or having to spend spend an extra $320/mo for the the coverage I already have. If the new state plan is "better" in some way than my old coverage it's not obvious to me how. I'm sorry you had so many issues signing up for private insurance, but for me it seems like ObamaCare is a significant net loss.

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But the legal effort to resist the state's efforts cost the utility money as did the public relation campaign.

The lawsuit cost them a trifle and they won an important precident for their industry. And the PR campain went on for decades and achieved jack squat. Entergy made it clear they couldn't care less about it. These are not the reasons they closed.

The real reason here is that electricity rates have dropped do to Natural Gas production and operating/decommissioning costs have risen since the plant was commissioned due to changing regulations. All this as conspired to give us the problem we now have and like it or not, pretty much everybody will be paying for this in some way.

Like I said. The real reason it closed is economics. Nothing else really mattered. If they thought the plant would turn a profit they would surely continue to operate it.

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We are still disposing of them, yes, there's always crates full of them at the dump (in Vermont). There's no used market for them though. I see people trying to sell them, but I never see anybody buy them. Their value is in the negative numbers; IE you typically have to pay to get rid of them. Even the thrift stores sell LCDs now. Only a fool would pay money for a CRT in this market.

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