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Comment Re:Meaningless Bullshit (Score 1) 65

Maybe I'm in the minority here but in most of the shops I've worked in over the decades where the IT dept did a lot of programming most of the folks did both dev and ops although nobody called it devops back then. A pure-sysadmin in a large organization is basically a computer janitor. Without some dev skills you're not going to be able to automate anything hence you're going to be reduced to doing the chump work that somebody with dev skills has already automated. Literally "I will replace you with a small shell script" sort of stuff. So I don't know if devops is meaningless bullshit but I certainly don't think it's anything new or buzzworthy.

As a software dev I have no problem whatsoever doing ops as long as I'm never on call.

Comment Re:If you didn't RTFA "Blame Agile"! (Score 2) 618

That's true at a lot of software companies but it is almost certainly completely untrue when it comes to an embedded engine control unit at a major automotive manufacturer. That sort of development is typically slow, methodical, and rigorous, with extensive pre-release testing. And the team is probably pretty small, I doubt there are more than a dozen engineers working on that, and probably a handful of key guys write most of the code. And I can guarandamntee that their code churn is nothing like "millions of lines per minute", more like hundreds of lines per week in bursts, and even that slows down dramatically as release time approaches. Nothing happens without it being fully planned out and documented and signed off on by management and engineers alike in an engineering change request. To do otherwise would be a huge liability. Remember, facebook can't kill you, but a buggy ECU can.

Comment Re:30 cents... (Score 1) 179

I have a Chinese pulse oximeter. It's completely worthless as a pulse oximeter although it has a very nice OLED display. I can hold my breath for a minute and get tunnel vision without it showing any drop in my blood O2 concentration. I know this is crap because I've shared a hospital room overnight with a guy with really bad sleep apnea who was setting off his O2 alarm every 30 minutes as he entered a deep sleep phase, stopped breathing for 20 seconds, and his O2 dropped to 80%. That was a long night.

Comment Some appliances run fine on DC (Score 1) 597

Many appliances run just fine on 120v DC power. Of course it's hard to tell which ones without either taking it apart and examining it or trying it and risking the magic smoke coming out.

Nothing high-current will ever switch to low voltage DC, I hope. I'm already annoyed at my 120v electric lawn mower; stupid extension cord is way heavier than my in-laws 240v electric lawn mower in Europe. Considering the cost of copper we should be switching to higher voltages, not lower.

Seems like the batteries could be redesigned to be higher voltage to reduce inverter losses. Just add more cells.

True sine wave IGBT converters are pretty efficient.

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