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by n122vu (#27254421) Attached to: How To Get High-Schoolers Involved In Real Science?
Teach them real orbital mechanics based on Newtonian physics, using Orbiter Space Flight Simulator, available for free at There is a large supporting community and many available addons, including several vessels from the sci-fi genre. You could teach them how ships really fly in space, as opposed to what they see on the movie screen

+ - Sprint dumps needy customers->

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n122vu writes "In an effort to increase revenue and decrease cost, Sprint has decided to take the psychotic route and cut off service to high-maintenance customers, citing being "unable to fulfill [their] wireless needs." This Gizmodo article has a scan of the letter a Sprint/Nextel wireless customer would recieve should they be deemed 'unworthy.' I bet these folks feel a bit like the castaways on TV's LOST: "They weren't good people. That's why their names weren't on the list.""
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