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Comment Re:The Heart - Rethinking (Score 1) 480

Some very good points here, all of which have caused me to rethink my original opinion. In fact, I've decided to change my opinion to the brain over the heart. A line by my favorite actor in one of my favorite movies says it best. "If your head comes away from your neck, it's over." -Sean Connery - Highlander

Comment Physics (Score 1) 314

Teach them real orbital mechanics based on Newtonian physics, using Orbiter Space Flight Simulator, available for free at There is a large supporting community and many available addons, including several vessels from the sci-fi genre. You could teach them how ships really fly in space, as opposed to what they see on the movie screen

Submission + - Sprint dumps needy customers (

n122vu writes: "In an effort to increase revenue and decrease cost, Sprint has decided to take the psychotic route and cut off service to high-maintenance customers, citing being "unable to fulfill [their] wireless needs." This Gizmodo article has a scan of the letter a Sprint/Nextel wireless customer would recieve should they be deemed 'unworthy.' I bet these folks feel a bit like the castaways on TV's LOST: "They weren't good people. That's why their names weren't on the list.""

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