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Comment Doctors: Whiny bitches, all of 'em. (Score 5, Insightful) 111

I spent about a decade doing high-level end-user compute management for a large healthcare organization.

There are two major forces at play.

Doctors just want fancy equipment so they can keep up status.
Doctors are lazy and entitled, and can't be bothered to do anything beneath them.

I've been on countless projects for SSO or (reduced signon, anyway) and context management. I've had to make sure countless pretty-boy doctors could get the new device that the OTHER hospital gave THEIR doctors. It's **all** about physician satisfaction. It's a seller's market, and if you don't give the doctors every last thing they demand they will go to work at the other hospital down the street. Of course, doctors know EVERYTHING, so there's no negotiating with them at any level. Site managers know they're fucked, and we know site managers are fucked, so we bend over and take it.

The context management systems (that keep patients synchronized across multiple clinical apps -- your EMR, or your radiology app, or your bed placement app, or your 10 other non-integrated apps) all suck and are fantastic boondoggles. SSO works for major systems, but unless you're AMAZING and have every last system in Cerner (or whatever you use), your docs will fuck that up too and blame IT.

Whiny bitches, all of 'em.

Comment Re:Media Center (Score 2) 720

I get that.

I moved to Sonarr to grab my TV. Then I moved back to a plain old cable box to watch live sports.

The peace and sanity in my house of not being screwed every so often on a Sunday night by some PlayReady Can't Install fuckup has made me much, much, less likely to punch babies in the face in anger. ...not that Sonarr doesn't have problems, but they're less angering than drying to reset my DRM and lose shows when PlayReady completely shits the bed -- once or twice a year.

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