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Comment: Re:Hallucinations (Score 1) 605

by myth_of_sisyphus (#27180301) Attached to: My longest stretch without sleep (catnaps count) ...

I put myself through college working grave shift security in Silicon Valley. At first they put me in a patrol car. I would drive endlessly around empty parking lots. Really slow. I would play a game where I would rest my eyes for 10 seconds. Then it became "I'm going to lean my head against the window and just rest it for a little bit." (I would be cruising down the parking lot at 5 mph.)

One night I woke up in the bushes. I had fallen asleep, the car went over the curb and into some bushes. The car survived but the bushes were toast.(Everybody beat the hell out of those cars anyways so no one noticed.) I went straight to the office in the morning and demanded a desk job.

Comment: Re:Only in foreseeable (Score 1) 743

by myth_of_sisyphus (#26304967) Attached to: Volvo Introduces a Collision-Proof Car


This feature would be useful for my sister-in-law, who is the worst driver I know or have ever heard of. She's kind of an accident-savant, she's been in seven accidents that have all been ruled "technically not her fault" --but that any other driver probably would have avoided. I dont know how she does it.

Comment: Can't wait. (Score 1) 743

by myth_of_sisyphus (#26304761) Attached to: Volvo Introduces a Collision-Proof Car

I can't wait for the car that detects a catastrophic collision and instantly fills the interior with an oxygenated gel that infiltrates the lungs and all orifices so there's no pressure differential between your body and the surrounding gel. And the interior walls and windows of the car would have nanotubes that repel or lessen the effect of sharp objects.

Would be a bitch if it accidentally went off in a minor fender-bender, you'd be pooping gel for days.

Comment: Re:But what makes it a sex offense? (Score 1) 630

by myth_of_sisyphus (#26279913) Attached to: Sex Offenders Must Hand Over Online Passwords

My friend is an alcoholic. Years ago he was pissing on a tree in San Francisco near an elementary school. It was after the bars closed on a Saturday morning so I doubt any children were ever in danger of seeing my friend's wang.

A cop pulled up, saw my friend and put him through the whole hands up thing. (Unfortunately my friend is also a total smart-ass to anyone in authority when drunk.) He was arrested and charged with indecent exposure and lewd behaviour within 100 yrds of an elementary school. He was about to be fucked royally.

My friend went before the judge, who fortunately recognized that my friend is a drunk who was taking a piss at 2am. He came very close to having his life fucked.

Comment: Re:Do they run vista? (Score 1) 785

by myth_of_sisyphus (#25897027) Attached to: Ethical Killing Machines

If you're not in America you wouldn't really get gun culture here. Many people think that when the government starts knocking on doors to take people's guns, that's the time we're going to need them the most. And I don't really disagree with them, although I've never even fired a gun. (I will get one for the zombie apocalypse though--which is about as real to me as another American Revolution would be, maybe even more real.)

The gun owners I know are responsible enthusiasts. In fact, I've never even known a person who's been shot, or had a family memeber shot, contrary to what you might hear about the US.

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