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by myth24601 (#47574851) Attached to: Jesse Jackson: Tech Diversity Is Next Civil Rights Step

Did the study take majors and school into account? If the black college grad population has a much higher percentage of degrees in social sciences versus technical degrees, that could be a part of the difference. It is likely that a large percentage of blacks got degrees from less prestigious black colleges compared to whites.

Just a couple of factors that could account for some of the gap.

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by myth24601 (#47502487) Attached to: New Toyota Helps You Yell At the Kids

If you live or work in the city though, minivans are far less convenient - they are big, hard to park, and not hipster enough for you. In the suburbs, they are perfect.

I wish minivans would stay in the suburbs. How often do I see a minivan attempt to park on my street and it leaves 1/2 of a spot in front and 1/2 of a spot in back leaving no space for others to park, essentially taking up two parking spots. Then when I go out to the suburb to visit and need to park on the one street that has public parking there are lines drawn that are, I shit you not 30' per spot. Maybe what I wish is that suburbs removed their giant-ass parking spots so people might actually learn how to park a car in a normal-sized spot so when they came downtown they could be more considerate.

I call BS. Unless the spots are meant for Minis or Smarts, there is no way a minivan will take up two whole spots (1 plus two halves that you claim). A Honda minivan is less than a foot longer than an Accord and maybe six inches wider.

As far as the size of parking places goes in the suburban outback, I have seen parking lots with huge spaces but they are usually old places where they never shrank them from their 1970s size upon repaving the lot. Most places have normal size parking spaces that will only seem huge if you drive a very small car (Mini or Smart).

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by myth24601 (#47401735) Attached to: Police Using Dogs To Sniff Out Computer Memory

Since the dog can't smell memory, it must have been trained to smell something about the electronic components. That's bound to trigger a LOT of false positives in the modern world.

This might be a fun thing to do. Get a lot of old flash drives, sd cards, and the like, the old super cheap ones of course, and stick them everywhere. Under the carpet, taped to the bottom of the drawers, in the hem of the curtain, etc. After 30 or 40 of them, somebody is going to get sick of playing that game, and it might be the dog, If you're really mean, store a picture of a treasure map on each one, and maybe some lists of random hexadecimal numbers.

It'll drive them nuts. To really get the point across when they ask, just tell them the truth, that it's a joke, there's absolutely nothing of value stored on them, and yes, you want them back and undamaged. :P

They will completely destroy your house digging up every memory stick and then leave you to clean up the mess.