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Submission + - Should Microsoft Dump Vista and Keep XP? (

karthikmns writes: "If youâ(TM)re a Microsoft Windows PC user â" and most of us still are, despite the Macâ(TM)s rising market share among high-end machines â" youâ(TM)re probably as irked as I am by those snarky Apple commercials that taunt us about the numerous shortcomings and imperfections of Windows Vista, the latest version of the Windows operating system."

Should Developers Be Liable For Their Code? 517

Glyn Moody writes "They might be, if a new European Commission consumer protection proposal, which suggests 'licensing should guarantee consumers the same basic rights as when they purchase a good: the right to get a product that works with fair commercial conditions,' becomes law. The idea of making Microsoft pay for the billions of dollars of damage caused by flaws in its products is certainly attractive, but where would this idea leave free software coders?"

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