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Comment Re:Too little, too late (Score 2) 252

Different model #'s detectable in software, but not listed on the package.

Tell the employee, you need to get an iPhone with the Samsung 14nm version of the A9 processor.

As soon as you get it, inspect it, and if it is found to have the 16nm TSMC chip, then promptly return the unit at the store for a refund, or keep exchanging, until you get a 14nm one.

Comment Re:Obvious ruling (Score 1) 203

host data for them and for the US based companies to have absolutely no control over the servers.

Not the servers; the physical servers are irrelevent. For the US based companies to have absolutely no access to the decryption keys that are used to protect user files.... they can use that by performing decryptions in a HSM which is physically tied to a location

At that point, the only thing the US government could order them to do would be to modify DNS entries to route users' traffic through the US or make specific modifications the internals of their websites' application code to expose a backdoor (or generate a datafeed) for authorities, and implement that backdoor in all versions of their site, no matter what provider is hosting their site.

Comment Re:This is why you call your bank before tourism (Score 1) 345

Once they use the "refund" feature on paypal there's no way to leave feedback because the transaction is marked as incomplete.

OK... apparently in September 2015, there are some changes to the process.

Refund because they refuse to ship will count as a "Defect" on the seller's record, unless they Actually Lied and claimed that the buyer requested to cancel as the reason chosen for refunding. If they did that, I would definitely contact eBay customer service and complain about the seller and them cancelling the transaction without permission.

I would try the old Seller Non-Performance complaint form to eBay customer service, anyways, though.

I wonder if there is still a workflow that allows still leaving negative feedback, such as finding a "Mark transaction as payment sent" option somewhere, and then post the Negative FB.

It doesn't help that eBay keeps monkeying with their website design lately.

Comment Re:This is why you call your bank before tourism (Score 1) 345

They said that was grounds to kill the sale, even though I said "well then send it to my regular address"

My response to them would be that it is not acceptable, and I expect them to complete the sale through my validated address.

Again, if they refused, I would immediately leave negative seller feedback on the listing and submit the Non-Performing Seller complaint form to eBay.

Comment Re:This is why you call your bank before tourism (Score 1) 345

Would you think it normal or necessary to contact your ISP ahead of time should you choose to start surfing secure websites outside of your country?

Well, your ISP doesn't look at what websites you are visiting (or shouldn't). Unless your ISP is a Cell provider or Dialup account, there's no way you left the country and still use your ISP's services.

Let's try another one: Would you think it's necessary to inform your ISP you will be accessing your e-mail account from outside the country?

(HINT: Many ISPs use geoblocking. On an ISP provided e-mail account, many times overseas IP addresses will be blocked by firewall from contacting the ISP's servers over POP3 or SMTP)

Let's try another one.... would you think it's normal or necessary to contact your Cell phone carrier, before leaving the country and thus using international data roaming service?

Comment Re:This is why you call your bank before tourism (Score 1) 345

My BoA Visa card has constantly hit their "fraud detection". I don't use the card terribly often anymore; it seems every other time I did use it for an online purchase of any sort, it triggers the fraud detection: even one time I was using it in a local shop; I think the local shop had some kind of issue with their CC machine as they needed to run the card through twice.

It was very annoying that every 4 weeks or so, they were calling me up with a "fraud alert".

I have been much happier in my experience with Amex and Citi.

Comment Re:This is why you call your bank before tourism (Score 2) 345

they say that they are refusing the sale because they thing something about my account may trigger Paypal's fraud protection.

File a complaint with eBay. Report them as a Non-Performing seller which is an eBay Terms of Service Violation.

A completed sale is contractual, the seller must go through with the transaction, otherwise they are violating the contract and can even be sued by you.

Comment Encryption (Score 4, Informative) 112

Which country has the best on-line personal privacy laws that would made it patently illegal for any actor, state, or otherwise, to access my information?

NONE. Zip. Zero. Nada.

If you wish to secure what you host, then use a solution that encrypts it on the client side.

I believe BitTorrent Sync is an example of that.

Some hosting and online backup providers also offer solutions where every file is encrypted on the client side, and the hosting provider never gains access to the plaintext files.... this is what you need.

Comment Re:You don't own the sky (Score 1) 184

Or have you been calling commercial airliners to demand they stop flying above your house, as well?

Commercial airliners don't, and they don't have the right to: hover over your property and zoom in on your wife sunbathing in the secluded and fenced-off backyard or go fly over other random properties outside their flight plan, and flyover your property in order to scan it or take detailed photography of your property in particular.

Commercial airliners are not a threat to the secrecy or safety of items or structures you have placed behind a 10ft fenced off area, and if they are: their aircraft are identifiable, and you can be certain there is an entity behind that aircraft to hold responsible for damage who will have an ability to pay.

Commercial airliners have licensed pilots, great safety records, flights determined in advance, and the only thing they're allowed is expeditious passage through the air space. They don't have the kind of rights to the usage of private property that drone owners are trying to utilize.

You still own the property, the commercial airliners are authorized nothing other than expeditious passage from point A to point B public or private airports authorized for use by the aircraft, even though your property happens to be under that path, But otherwise: it wold not be possible for them to make that trip.

Comment Re:Why should the FAA allow drones without COAs? (Score 1) 184

A Certificate of Authorization for an unmanned aircraft used for commercial purposes. Is your six-inch quad going to be used for commercial purposes?

For Many people, the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES, by the FAA's definition of commercial which includes the publication of video or photography on Youtube, and the advancement of any public or political benefit (Such as use by a non-profit for search and rescue work --- considered commercial use), or if there happens to later be any revenue from photography derived from a drone flight.

Comment Re:Congressionally mandated penalty (Score 1) 184

See 49 U.S. Code 40103. The airspace is outside of the jurisdiction of any state; the states are considered to only control what goes on at the ground. By act of congress, the US federal government has exclusive sovereignty over the airspace of the United States.

Can they explain where the FAA gets any Constitutional authority to regulate drones?

Drones are flying, so they are encroaching upon airspace which is used by aircraft crossing the country and multiple states to carry cargo, passengers, and conduct other interstate commerce.

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