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Comment: Re:all they have to do is lure them to a webpage (Score 2, Interesting) 132

by myowntrueself (#49533229) Attached to: New Javascript Attack Lets Websites Spy On the CPU's Cache

A keylogger that runs on one VM to spy on anther is a huge deal, if true. A great many companies rely on VM isolation to keep customers separated cleanly on the same host. The entire "compute" cloud, for starters.

What makes you think the apps need to run on both machines to leak data? CPU cache snooping can see almost anything.

You are running a browser on the VM's host???

Comment: Re:Is banishment legal? (Score 1) 271

by myowntrueself (#49498213) Attached to: Gyrocopter Pilot Appears In Court; Judge Bans Him From D.C.

Federal judges can do whatever they want. There are no limits to the kinds of orders they can issue, unless overturned by a higher court which this won't be.

Judges can't do whatever they want. We have this thing called law.

Since when did Americans allow the law to stand in the way of justice?

Comment: Re:America! Fuck yeah! (Score 1) 271

by myowntrueself (#49498199) Attached to: Gyrocopter Pilot Appears In Court; Judge Bans Him From D.C.

Speaking of the characteristics of America...

Last week I was at an airport in Europe. I was thinking about how Americans were cautioned because certain criminals (and of course "terrorists") might target them. But this part of Europe had a demographic make-up similar to the USA - mostly white folk, plus a good percentage of people of African descent and a few Asians.

I was thinking, how would they know who is American? Then a plane was boarding. I saw this family, six people in total. The parents and all four children (some were as young as 5 or 6) were really morbidly obese. Then I understood how criminals might target Americans. Strange how the news didn't mention this.

Also, it's too bad telling the honest truth so often offends somebody, but they'll get over it. If you are the parent of a five year old, that five year old becomes morbidly obese, and there is no thyroid problem or other solid medical reason for that, you deserve to be tried and convicted of child abuse/child neglect. Destroy your own health all you like, as you are an adult and can make that choice just like you can choose to smoke, but to destroy your child's health from the start like that is just evil.

The other way they could target Americans is the RFID tags in the passports. I heard theres a plot to plant bombs which will only go off if enough US passports are nearby... Better keep a safe distance from other Americans, eh

Comment: Re:Typical overreaction as usual (Score 1, Funny) 271

by myowntrueself (#49498189) Attached to: Gyrocopter Pilot Appears In Court; Judge Bans Him From D.C.

How does that relate to the above?

He had his passport taken away. Therefore he had a passport. Since Americans live in the most awesome country ever there are only two reasons they'd need a passport; one would be to invade less awesome countries (though I'm not certain if members of the US military actually do need passports to go do violence on other countries territory) the other would be for tax evasion.

Comment: Re:May finally get servers updated... (Score 1) 118

by myowntrueself (#49496487) Attached to: Exploit For Crashing Minecraft Servers Made Public

Personally, I think that Minecraft needs a lot of work. The gameplay itself is pretty good, but it really needs to be reworked in terms of performance and stability. I was hoping that things would change with MS buying it as they could hire more people to work on it, but I don't think they've actually done anything noteworthy with it yet.

Some anti-aliasing would be nice. I'd like to play it but it does terrible things to my eyes.

Comment: Re:Why do they not realize? (Score 1) 105

Nazi Germany and their zeal for recording pretty much any and every single one of their crimes.

They thought they were Right, and so they were just recording history.

Israel certainly learned from the mistakes of the Nazis.

They don't record their crimes?

How can it be possible to commit genocide against a people who don't even exist? There isn't even a crime to record.

Comment: Re:Privacy implications (Score 2) 37

by myowntrueself (#49450799) Attached to: 'Smart Sewer' Project Will Reveal a City's Microbiome

I would imagine that, by following the source of a 'signal' upstream it should be possible for a police force to use this to home in on every drug user in a city.

In the USA I wouldn't imagine that sampling the sewage would require any kind of warrant?

And once they can say that the sewage line from *this* house contains traces of *these* drugs its probable cause, DEA raid etc.

Comment: Re:Great, Let's Build IFR's (Score 1) 417

So, where are all the environmentalists demanding we build integral fast reactors as fast as we can?

There are actually quite a number of environmentalists who have suggested that we should use nuclear power in order to get off of fossil fuels. I suspect a lot of the problem is political. There are still a lot of people with an irrational fear of nuclear power on one side of the issue, and on the other side there are people who support fossil fuels just to say "fuck you" to "the hippies". And that's before you even get into the lobbying and propaganda from fossil fuel producers.

It's an uphill battle to do anything, even if it completely makes sense and has broad support, because there are always ignorant people and entrenched interests.

I am SO looking forward to my nuclear powered self-driving flying car!

Comment: Re:Saddam (Score 1) 71

by myowntrueself (#49440963) Attached to: French TV Network TV5Monde Targeted In 'Pro-ISIS' Cyberattack

This is the shit that Saddam Hussein was stamping down.

The Middle East has never been at peace and never will. I wish we'd stop meddling and let them solve their own problems their own way and if we don't like it, well tough shit.

The problem is there is such a history of animosity (and long memories) in the Middle East that the only way a group can maintain peace in a state is by brutally clamping down on other religious/ethnic groups. So, when the ruling group is removed from power (by force/election/death of monarch or dictator/etc) and another group gains power, they are thinking "hell yeah, it's our turn, time to get even!". Unfortunately this cycle won't stop until they get sick of the bloodshed and try to work together. But "peace" bought through oppression like Saddam or Assad or Gaddhafi is only a temporary stopgap pushing the problems down the road, and the peace of a dictator is worse than open conflict because it just increases the pressure even more, so when things blow up they blow up bigger.

The middle eastern cultures elevate revenge to a core principle. Its one of the most important things to those people, no slight can be left unavenged, any insult or offence must be punished as harshly as possible. Tit-for-tat can't be allowed to stop or their cultures would just implode.

Comment: Re:Saddam (Score 1) 71

by myowntrueself (#49440937) Attached to: French TV Network TV5Monde Targeted In 'Pro-ISIS' Cyberattack

I might speculate that many Christians feel a sense of kinship to Jews

This is actually a rather recent phenomenon. There was a time when you would see "No Dogs or Jews" signs in businesses in every part of the US. And I'll bet you the people who put those signs in the window believed they were good, faithful Christians.

Even the notion of a "Judeo-Christian" culture is relatively recent, and was first used in the 1950s.

And the first official ally of the United States was a Muslim country. Morocco was our first ally and remains our closest, most faithful ally in the Middle East. Unlike Israelis, you don't hear about Moroccans spying on the US and selling US intelligence secrets.

A lot of fundamentalist Christians see themselves as a Jewish sect. This is despite the fact that, according to orthodox Judaism, Jesus is being boiled in excrement for his crimes against Judaism whereas Jesus is revered in Islam.

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