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Comment Re:Because Latin? (Score 1) 323

Except that Latin is only the "root language" for Romance languages and, last I checked, English is not one of those. Yes, we've borrowed a great deal of Latin words and created our own imaginary Latinate forms, but this is not something that other languages, such as German, couldn't do either.

Comment Off-site backups and Plex (Score 1) 268

Not sure what you should do about local backups, but I think you should consider off-site storage in additional to whatever local backup plan you come up with. If you trust cloud services (or the videos are not too sensitive), you can sign up for something like CrashPlan which offers unlimited backup to the cloud. It is a pain transferring that much data back and forth from the internet, but the idea here would be that the cloud backup is your "last resort" in case something happened locally.

Enough with backups. Now for the fun part: set up a Plex server and have it catalog your videos. Then, stream them to any device that you own. Instant enjoyment and easy of access for all those old videos.

Comment iptables malware (Score 2) 230

Oh yes, I am familiar with this iptables malware. I once had a machine running using ipchains, but iptables somehow made its way on to my machine and pretty much just killed ipchains functionality. I could not get it working again no matter how hard I tried. In case it modified my kernel, I even downloaded the latest from (2.4.x) and compiled a new one, but to no avail.

I gave up and went to Windows.

Comment Re:Mostly but not _totally_ gimmick? (Score 5, Informative) 261

Per the internets, the curving is done in movie theatres to help avoid the pincushion effect from the projector. Since we are talking about TVs and not projectors, the pincushion effect is irrelevant.

Curved television displays aren't "largely" a gimmick-- they're just a gimmick.

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