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Comment: Is Good From God? (Score 0) 372

by mynicknamewasused (#39299413) Attached to: Humans Are Nicer Than We Think

i don't think God exists, can we have objective (as oposed to subjective) moral duties and values in the absence of a god?
if so, what we think is right is merely the result of evolutive advantages of morality and nothing else.

see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqaHXKLRKzg

also let me suggest http://www.philosophybro.com/ as a rudimentary and entertaining introduction to philosophy bro..

Comment: Re:"Earlier than expected"? (Score 0) 421

by mynicknamewasused (#38513810) Attached to: Melting Glaciers Cutting Peru Water Supply

Comment: Re:No.... yes (Score 0) 405

by mynicknamewasused (#38458554) Attached to: Is Overclocking Over?
a mobile cpu switches between frequencies very fast on demand, so if you increase the top speed, it will spend less time in that state.., so for example we are comparing (40% full@1ghz 60% idle@250mhz ) vs (30%full@1.4ghz 70%idle@250mhz) . so yes, you can save power overclocking in the typical usage of a mobile device.

Comment: old times (Score 0) 99

by mynicknamewasused (#38048186) Attached to: Cray Replaces IBM To Build $188M Supercomputer

i used to know by memory, every socket on the market, and every cpu family. but now im like "What is this I don't even " when i decide to update my desk (c2q 2.6 4gb) im gonna have a very hard time choosing.

i also used to know the relative performance of every graphics chip. up to the nvidia 9800 era...

itÂs just sad... im getting old.

Comment: lots of reasons (Score 1) 1880

by mynicknamewasused (#38022252) Attached to: What's Keeping You On Windows?

-Drivers. Devices always have drivers for windows, I donâ(TM)t want to have to do research to find if there exist "good" drivers.

-Prior knowledge. i "know" how to manage windows, do complicated things, etc.


-Performance (Flash anyone)

-Multiusers, anyone can use one of my computers, and know how to do anything.

ItÂs just easier to use windows.

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