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Comment: Re:Too Late for Aus (Score 1) 331

by mykro76 (#47942357) Attached to: Apple Locks iPhone 6/6+ NFC To Apple Pay Only
The Paypass/Paywave terminals here do work with essentially any chipped credit card you have. But even after three years of operation Google Wallet still can't be installed on Australian phones and while some banks are running closed trials to have phone-based NFC work with these same terminals, there is no app yet that I know of that is available to the general public here. So while I agree that Apple are making a mistake, they aren't necessarily all that far behind in the phone payments race.

Comment: Re:I'd love to be wrong, but ... (Score 1) 442

by mykro76 (#47627877) Attached to: Big Bang Actors To Earn $1M Per Episode
It's all about the syndication. Friends had 236 episodes. Seinfeld had 180 episodes. BBT is already up to 159 and only needs another season or two to become an attractive "drop-in" replacement for TV stations worldwide that are already screening one (or both) of the older series every weeknight of the year.

The quality of syndicated shows isn't crucial as long as they are palatable easy viewing during dinner to lure in eyeballs for the prized evening timeslots.

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by mykro76 (#47479765) Attached to: Australia Repeals Carbon Tax
As a political moderate, I'm not thrilled that we rolled back the carbon tax. But we did vote this government in legitimately and I can understand some of the economic and financial motivations behind the repeal. I would like to see us try again with a different strategy (eg. emissions trading scheme). But I have to say that some of the far-left ranting, slander and vitriol I've seen flung about the internet is really putting me off these arguments. I think a little less exaggeration and hyperbole would serve you well.

Comment: Re:Strange form factor (Score 2) 219

by mykro76 (#45903809) Attached to: Intel Puts a PC Into an SD Card-Sized Casing
I'm thinking Intel are hoping to push a superior version of the Eye-fi card and hijack the entire photography market.

Stick it in your camera and it functions like a standard SD card, but it can do anything else you want, rotate your oldest photos off to your PC/NAS/phone, proxy the card in realtime to a 2TB hdd in your backpack, run a webserver, etc. Fully hackable, upgradable, customisable, and instantly compatible with a billion existing devices.

Comment: WORST calculation ever. (Score 1) 355

by mykro76 (#43671691) Attached to: Mars One Has 78,000 Applicants
Let's assume the shortest possible distance, 3,347 km by crow from San Diego, CA to Jacksonville, FL.
Let them all lie down (1.7m average height) - after all this will take a while.
And then throw in 40cm between them for comfort.
You could still fit in 1.5 million people and change, or about the population of Idaho.

Comment: Be warned, vendors will adapt (Score 1) 81

by mykro76 (#42792603) Attached to: Startup Offers Pay-Per-Page E-Books
- super-wow graphic on front page to suck you in
- 6 page thank you note by author
- 11 page table of contents, double spaced
- 17 page prologue describing the conception of the e-book
- overly normalized content, stuffed with references to other chapters
- no index, forcing you to flip through all the pages

I don't know about you, but I don't like the sound of these e-books.

Comment: War, Detente, Disrupt, Decline (Score 1) 404

by mykro76 (#42757737) Attached to: Can Any Smartphone Platform Overcome the Android/iOS Duopoly?
It's a well-worn path.
USA/Russia - War (Good vs Cheap), Detente (Nuclear brinkmanship, Cold war), Disrupt (new economies), Decline (high cost of supporting existing infrastructure/policies)
RIM/Nokia - War (Good vs Cheap), Detente (stuck to their product lines), Disrupt (Touch replaced T9 / Qwerty), Decline (high cost of losing customers & late entry to new markets)
Apple/Google - War (Good vs Cheap), now settling into a comfortable Detente. They're not stupid. They both know there will be a Disruption. It won't come from Microsoft and Blackberry making "me too" phones.

Apple will try and do it themselves, with loads of secret R&D. Google are trying to do it with loads of public R&D (driverless cars, Glass, Nexus Q, Ingress).

But it's inevitable. One day, some other company will blindside them and Disrupt them utterly.

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