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Comment Re:What's it for in Windows/VMWare environment? (Score 1) 50

Is this just for the *nix folks?

In crude Windows-speak, Docker is equivalent to just one instance of C:\Windows (the kernel) running on your host computer. On top of that you run multiple lightweight containers each having their own C:\Program Files and C:\Users. So container A and container B run simultaneously, share the same kernel, but can't see each other's apps & data.Right now you would have dozens of Windows services running as 'system' in both your host and your VM. This avoids having two lots of all that stuff.

To answer your question - Linux has always had its kernel separate from the user-space hence container evolution naturally started there. But it appears Windows may be working to catch up.

Comment Re:Nexus aren't satisfactory (Score 1) 180

the Nexus line fails by not including such an essential feature.

With respect, that's just your opinion. I started out in the beginning with the HTC Magic on which I never used the microSD slot, and have since had a Nexus S, Nexus 4 and now a Nexus 5X - never once missing the lack of a microSD slot. I keep all my data in the cloud which is the Google way. I think Google have made the right choices in their design.

Comment Reminds me of the Prolific USB-serial converters (Score 2) 206

A decade or so ago the company I worked at had to repeatedly advise customers to use FTDI or Silicon Labs based USB-serial converters with our products. It got to the point that it was the first question on the tech support script. The cheaper converters based on Prolific chipsets were incredibly unreliable but customers kept buying them because on ebay one converter appears much the same as another.

Comment Re:The car is great to drive, but... (Score 1) 222

Not to wholly defend the touchscreen design approach - you make a lot of very good points. But you do also make the assumption that touch is the primary input. In many of the new systems voice control is designed to be the primary input, PARTICULARLY when the car is in motion. Now whether they've been successful with that yet is another story, but I would argue we are going to see a little more evolution in this relatively new type of control mechanism.

Comment Re:That was easy (Score 1) 867

Linux already has far more games than PS4 (460) and XBone (290) combined. There's 1450 titles on Steam alone, plus exclusives on other stores and then there's a mountain of open-source games, more than a few of which are commercial quality. I've been gaming on Linux for years but its really taking off at the moment. So you could always check it out now :)

Comment What does this mean for Windows Phone? (Score 1) 61

When Apple wanted to double down on their iPhone platform they kissed Google off and built their own Maps and Advertising solutions. Regardless of whether they were good solutions or not, it's clear the aim was to create a complete ecosystem. Microsoft followed a similar tack for several years, investing heavily in their own Maps and Advertising systems. Now that Microsoft are selling them (or part thereof), this indicates that Microsoft is no longer interested in a complete ecosystem. Therefore this raises questions about their plan for Windows Phone.

Comment use a wiki (Score 1) 203

I've been with my employer for 12 years and have a lot of specialised knowledge. In that time I've diligently shuttled information from various sources including e-mail into a wiki. Anyone in the company can access and edit it but I'm by far the biggest contributor. Time and time again I'm able to send people a link to answer their FAQs, heck I even use it to discover my own (forgotten) memories. Thanks to the wiki I anticipate a straightforward handover should the need arise.

Comment Re:Again? (Score 1) 91

I remember this too. The Google-Twitter collaboration was discontinued in 2011 - it was never explicitly stated why but the general impression was that Twitter wanted users to come to their site & apps to search for content. Now that they're buddying up to Google again it makes me wonder if they're seeing a drop off in user engagement.

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