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Comment: Re:So go ahead - what are the legitimate uses of t (Score 2) 251

I wouldn't know because I've been fortunate to live in a country that doesn't suffer from fundamentalist, totalitarian rule. Maybe there are some christians in North Korea that would want to buy a bible?

You're obviously struggling to disconnect the tech from what it could be used for though. You're question was why this tech should exist. I gave you a very benign purpose that one could use it for as an example, thinking you could extrapolate on what other uses you might take for granted that not every person in the world is allowed. The medication example I used was meant to be the more compelling argument.

Comment: Re:So go ahead - what are the legitimate uses of t (Score 1) 251

Having watched Dallas Buyer's Club a few weeks back, it comes to mind that one could want to purchase medications that are arbitrarily banned by the FDA because corporate interests have a large lobbying arm.

I agree with your point that the majority of U.S. users will not be engaging in "legitimate" business dealings, but I doubt there has been a government that has never banned a substance/item/idea because of pressure from special interest groups. A system like this could be used by people in [OppressiveCountryName] for something as honest as buying a book that has been banned.

Comment: Re:What for (Score 2) 118

The only reason that I've been anticipating VLC on Android is for SMB streaming on my Xoom. The 10.1" screen is perfect for watching a flick in bed, so the tiny screen concern kind of evaporates. I have no interest, whatsoever, in configuring transcoding: I just want my device to be able to play videos natively, and across my existing network.

Can someone who's tried the Beta comment on whether it has SMB support? Bonus points if you can tell me whether Tegra 2 seems to be able to play an average 720p H.264 reasonably well.

Comment: Poorly written article. (Score 2) 96

FTFA: "Hart, CEO of International Game Technology, a gaming machine manufacturer, told the Yahoo board that the board asked her to step down from her seat." She is CEO of IGT, and the IGT board of directors are the ones that asked her to resign from Yahoo because it is a huge distraction.

//Full disclosure: I work at IGT

Comment: Re:Pirated and still paid for tickets (Score 1) 663

But your argument is exactly what my comment about Twilight was meant to prove. Most of us, especially on Slashdot, probably consider the Twilight movies to be neither special or unique. It still made a (relative) killing at the box office.

You're absolutely right: There's a market for just about any kind of movie, even if most of us think it's shit. Which is exactly the point I was trying to get across by highlighting Twilight, and contradicts the GP's point about "Unique + Special = Profit". A movie doesn't need to be either to be considered a success. A success, as far as Hollywood is concerned, is a profitable movie.

It's no coincidence that all of those God awful parody movies made by Friedberg/Seltzer (Epic Movie, Date Movie, Scary Movies) kept being made. They were universally panned by critics, and were the exact opposite of unique and special. They only kept churning them out because there's an audience for them... at least a large enough one to make them profitable.

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