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Comment Re:Cruelty to animals (Score 2) 182

People limit pets' movement all the time. Dogs go on leashes or are stuck inside the house. Same with cats, often. We have 2 rabbits. They have to stay inside their pen when not accompanied by humans. Our tortoise has to stay inside its terrarium. Our fish may not swim in the ocean. I'm sure the rabbits would love to run around outside or even all over the house chewing on whatever they can, but it's not safe for them (predators, cars, electrocution), and it's not safe for our stuff. So maybe you're saying nobody should keep pets, but that's a different argument.
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - iFixit Teardown of a PS3 Slim (ifixit.com)

An anonymous reader writes: iFixit has taken a first look inside Sony's dramatically redesigned, cooler, sleeker PlayStation 3 Slim! Tons of gory photos reveal the redesigned chipset, upgraded 120 GB hard drive, and massive fan.

Submission + - iFixit Teardown of iPhone 3G S (ifixit.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: iFixit.com CEO Kyle Wiens flew to London to take apart the new iPhone 3G S at the MacWorld UK office. There are videos of the teardown, as well as images showing all of the internals, as well as some discussion of the parts inside.

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