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Comment: Re:Morons ... (Score 1) 190 190

So what you are saying is that they could incur legal bills to other people by knowingly using an invalid argument? In what way would that be a good outcome unless you are a lawyer? Have you ever heard of the term "chilling effect"? "Hey there, domain owner, you can either sell us your domainname for $1 or we'll start a frivolous lawsuit using this ridiculous and knowingly invalid claim which will cost you atleast $2,000 to defend against".

Comment: Re:How stupid could someone be? (Score 1) 111 111

Generation algorithms for software license keys is fine.
Simple generated keys stop casual sharing of licenses. Nothing stops dedicated hackers.
Why invest time and money in a very expensive license key system when all you're doing is providing the hackers with a more interresting challenge.
The problem here isn't generating keys, it's the relatively high chance of colission; it's badly generating keys.

Comment: Re:"Win Prize" (Score 4, Insightful) 171 171

If only I had sent in my concept of a condom that miraculously kills all those diseases and also HIV, cancer and the common cold, I would have won.

There is nothing useful or nerdy here.
Neither the product nor any of it's features are currently possible.
There is no invention, no science, no ingenuity here, just an idea.

Ideas are a dime a dozen, it's being able to implement those ideas that matters.

"This is lemma 1.1. We start a new chapter so the numbers all go back to one." -- Prof. Seager, C&O 351