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Comment: Choices (Score 5, Interesting) 318

by mwoliver (#29066269) Attached to: Danish FreeBSD Dev. Sues Lenovo Over "Microsoft Tax"

Guys, I have used FreeBSD for a decade on multiple machines, some running CURRENT, and thus have had the privilege of not only listening to PHK's reasoned discussions, but also engaging in such discussions with him. I also supported his paid development project a few years ago, so you can be sure that I am *not* an unbiased contributor to this article.

That said, I am pretty sure that PHK didn't just decide over coffee or beer to sue Lenovo without giving the matter serious thought, research and consideration. Certainly, what MS charges OEMs and distributors for licenses is far less than the retail price you or I would pay, so I don't personally think that money is the issue at all. I haven't asked him personally so can't say with authority, but I would imagine that this is more about OS choice (or none) during the configure/customize process when shopping online and opting out of a MS OS up-front rather than any monetary settlement. It's the principle of the issue, not the money. At least that's how I see it and how I would like to see the outcome. Give consumers a choice to opt out of a forced MS OS, even if there is no financial benefit.

Comment: Re:Not to be an apologist... (Score 1) 230

by mwoliver (#27370399) Attached to: iPhone App Refund Policies Could Cost Devs


This saying was born from an era when government work was head-and-shoulders above par, exceeding even the most stringent of standards. Only in the modern lexicon has it taken a derogatory connotation, mostly due to lazy-ass government workers who can't be disciplined or fired for shoddy work.

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