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Comment: Re:Just tell them (Score 1) 1048

Yes, because me advising to do something, which leaves the agency to act upon it with you, is totally the same as threatening to kill you, which leaves you with no agency at all.

Really, the mouthbreathing stupidity on display is shocking. With friends like these, Sarkeesian's critics may as well give up.

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Yes, completely warranted. The piece of shit that apologises for rape and death threats would improve the human race by committing suicide. Now, since you seem to lack completely in empathy and self-reflection, I just know this will just whizz over your empty head, but so be it.

And there is a big difference between advising suicide and actually threatening death and murder, but again, seeing as that you are a victim-blaming piece of shit rape apologist, I don't think the distinction is clear to you; the lack of brain cells may have something to do with this.


Comment: Re:Federal vs. local decision (Re:I like...) (Score 1) 594

by mvdwege (#47769547) Attached to: U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras

the injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

That's not the winning argument you think it is. Even across the Atlantic I know enough of US Constitutional history and law to know that this is in fact a driver for expanding Federal power. The prime example? Fourteenth Amendment.

I agree with mrex here: you show an abominably bad understanding of US history.

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by mvdwege (#47759949) Attached to: Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide

It already does that.

However, one shortcoming (at least in version 204, which is old already) is that it couldn't always gracefully deal with the conflicting dependencies you may find in some initscript combinations. I've seen situations in my first trials of systemd where systemd crapped out on a circular dependency, and because that meant a target became unavailable, all other services that would have come up on that target failed too.

I now run 208 on my trial systems, and that works a lot better. The only thing I am currently missing from my old setup is wildcard substitution in automount maps. Since I haven't configured systemd automount unit files, this still gets handled by autofs, and things work just fine.

Comment: Re:I'm open to it (Score 1) 805

by mvdwege (#47759907) Attached to: Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide

Apache stores all its logs and configuration, as well as much of its data in text files. It has one function and one function only, to reply to HTTP requests.

So I take it you want to take out mod_rewrite, mod_cgi and mod_php too? Because in your stated opinion, rewriting requests and running interpreters are not in Apache's remit.

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by mvdwege (#47759583) Attached to: Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide

You speak of what you do not know. Have you never seen a SysV system stop dead during boot because the syslog daemon came up but hung? I have. Have you never had to contend with a system only getting its network shares mounted half the time because of a race condition in startup between rpcbind and the network? I have.

The problem is that you SysV defenders set an impossible high bar for quality for systemd, whilst ignoring the very real problems that can and do crop up on SysV init.

I have no use cases right now that require systemd. I can continue using SysV for quite some time. But I have run into shortcomings of SysV, and the shortcomings systemd has are definitely not any worse. The advantages of sane dependencies, on-demand service startup and service monitoring far outweigh those.

Comment: NEWS: Law enforcement officers doing actual job! (Score 3, Interesting) 92

by mvdwege (#47754633) Attached to: Early Bitcoin User Interviewed By Federal Officers

Let's not overstate this. The account given by Bingo is a good one, and on the facts it shows two law enforcement officers just doing their job: gathering background information, and they're doing it in a way to minimise the hassle for the ordinary member of public they're interviewing. Bingo mentions no powerplays beyond them identifying themselves as LEOs.

And doing the research how Silk Road grew out of the early BitCoin scene (or if it even did) is a legitimate avenue of inquiry.

I am not a fan of the bullies that populate far too many police forces, so this is a welcome change of pace.

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by mvdwege (#47751703) Attached to: Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide

Now, if you were honest, you'd apply the same standard to SysV init. If that doesn't start syslog, guess what, you'll have no logs either.

The Unix way of things? That has always been the pragmatic way: adopt what works for most cases, worry about the details later. It gave rise to an entire movement of people who hated it for that, see the Unix Haters Handbook for examples. Unix is not a static monolithic system, complaining about systemd as 'against Unix philosophy' is merely the UHH in another form: pining for systems that history and technological development have surpassed.

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