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Van Rossum: Python Not Too Slow 510

Posted by Soulskill
from the prefers-terms-like-stately-or-majestic dept.
snydeq writes "Python creator Guido van Rossum discusses the prospects and criticisms of Python, noting that critics of Python performance should supplement with C/C++ rather than re-engineering Python apps into a faster language. 'At some point, you end up with one little piece of your system, as a whole, where you end up spending all your time. If you write that just as a sort of simple-minded Python loop, at some point you will see that that is the bottleneck in your system. It is usually much more effective to take that one piece and replace that one function or module with a little bit of code you wrote in C or C++ rather than rewriting your entire system in a faster language, because for most of what you're doing, the speed of the language is irrelevant.'"

Comment: Re:The patents in question (according to Microsoft (Score 1) 97

by mutley89 (#38898649) Attached to: ITC Throws Out B&N Antitrust Claims Against MS
IANAL, but I'm pretty sure that arguing that a patent is invalid in court is a defence against patent infringement. See here for an example where Red Hat showed prior art during trial and got a patent troll's patents invalidated. Similarly in this case, even if B&N fail to show patent misuse, they have a ton of prior art, and arguments that the patents are trivial and don't actually properly disclose the "invention". See here.

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Submitted by canoneos7review
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