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Submission + - Use your smartphone as a virtual reality controller. (

mutherhacker writes: A group from Osaka University in Japan and McMaster University in Canada have presented a method to control a virtual 3D object using a smartphone [video]. The method was primarily designed for presentations but also applies to virtual reality using a head mounted display, gaming or even quadrocopter control. There is an open paper online as well as a git repository for both the client and the server. The client smartphone communicates with the main computer over the network with TUIO for touch and Google protocol buffers for orientation sensor data.

Comment Window = Escape (Score 1) 435

You need windows for a gozillion different reasons but the most important is to shatter them and escape when the door is stuck/deformed after an accident. Robot cars will not get in accidents a lot, but when they do, you'll want to get out somehow.

Comment Headshot! (Score 2) 99

The drones will also be able to track the recipient even while walking or running down the street and launch the package with a trajectory aimed to the recipients head. Upon successful impact the drone will produce a *Boom! Headshot!!* sound effect. Amazon officials refused to comment on the necessity of this delivery mode.

Submission + - Facebook makes it possible to see which pages your friends visited (

mutherhacker writes: Whereas previously it was only possible to see what pages your friends "liked", in a flagrant disregard for privacy Facebook makes it possible to see what facebook pages your friends visited! Right below the page header on the top left, Facebook now shows you which of your friends have visited that page. Imagine the privacy implications of this for a second: If somebody visited a page of some political activist organization or some adult oriented content, then that person's friends can all see that he/she has done so. This is an especially poor design decision from Facebook since essentially, it is possible to be logged as having visited some content by running into a page accidentally. Is this a blunder from Facebook's part?

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