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Comment: Victorian clerks (Score 1) 312

by mutherhacker (#46778031) Attached to: Switching From Sitting To Standing At Your Desk

Of course Victorian clerks stood and moved around a lot more. They had to go bring the file from the file cabinet or go refill their Ink etc. Go light the candles on the chandelier etc. There was a bunch of different things to be done away from the desk so perhaps someone who moved around so much would consume more energy if he actually sat.

Comment: Not just war machines (Score 1) 257

by mutherhacker (#45051577) Attached to: Boston Dynamics Wildcat Can Gallop — No Strings Attached

I'm surprised by people who see this and immediately think terminators and war machines. Why is it that when I saw this I thought "land transport". I imagine one of those things carrying me from home to work every day, assuming I'm sitting in an actuated capsule that compensates for the galloping. Until some issues are figured out, electric cars and high-speed rail will do the trick, but I think this is the future for land transport. Unlike electric cars these babies can JUMP at crossings thus eliminating the need to slow down or stop.

Comment: Leadership in Virtual Communities (Score 1) 126

by mutherhacker (#44683329) Attached to: Has the Apache Software Foundation Lost Its Way?

Virtual communities like open source software groups or other virtual organizations have an inherent problem with leadership. The main reason is that it's not so easy for somebody to lead unless others see him talk in person. Charismatic leaders build consensus by convincing others partly because they present strong arguments, but also because people like to watch them talk as they are effective public speakers and often of above average looks.

In a virtual community most of that body language, charisma and good looks disappears in asynchronous, e-mail based communication. So for a person to lead a virtual community effectively, he has to be super knowledgeable on the subject and have lots credit to his name. Like Linus does or.. like.. Vint Cerf or, dunno some other famous tech person.

So ..yeah, it's hard.

Comment: 7 years in a cave! (Score 3, Funny) 193

by mutherhacker (#44668107) Attached to: Calibre Version 1.0 Released After 7 Years of Development

He locked himself in a cave for 7 years to build this. Somebody should have told him that apps like these nowadays have a web based front-end. Doh! Back in the cave for another 7 years to make it web-based!

ps. I'm only kidding, kudos to him for making a very feature rich app and releasing it open-source.

Comment: Re:Let's not celebrate on the graves of too many (Score 1) 162

by mutherhacker (#42629927) Attached to: Mathematicians Aim To Take Publishers Out of Publishing

... publishers .. employ a lot of people who still need to feed their families.

So we should go back to riding horses to work to save those working in the manure collection industry? It's a law of nature. That which doesn't evolve to adapt to its environment perishes. It applies to virii, companies and people alike.

Comment: Word "Sake" misused in the west (Score 1) 134

by mutherhacker (#42477937) Attached to: Brewing Saké in Texas for Fun and Profit (Video)

Sake literally means "Alcohol". It's being mis-used in the western world and as such it's no surprise when foreigners visit japan and get blank looks from store-owners when they ask for "Sake". It's like going to a bar and saying "Alcohol please!". Japanese alcohol made (mostly) from rice is called Nihon-Shu () in Japan, which literally translates to "Japanese Alcohol".

Comment: Re:Lets start seeding the galaxy with life (Score 1) 420

by mutherhacker (#42333375) Attached to: Possible Habitable Planet Just 12 Light Years Away

start sending probes in the direction of planets like this with enough ingredients on them to help kickstart life on other worlds that can support it. It wont affect us ...

It won't affect us? Here's a way it could affect us: The life we seeded grows, fast! It grows up faster than we expected and evolves at an exponential rate. Within 200 years it develops a space program then decides to pay us a visit with huge guns.

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