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Comment: Utter bullshit (Score 1) 137 137

Take a look at the attack code people. It's very clear this is a state sponsored attack using baidu, they are targeting VPN software hosted on Github that's used to bypass firewall restrictions in China.

It's not like baidu would randomly install attack code against github for "no reason". Additionally, it's been 125 hours now & they still haven't taken it down.

Comment: Genetic engineering of humans is the future (Score 1) 199 199

Get over it, Genetic engineering of humans is the future for our species. People "Dying" is something that will be looked back on like we do the middle ages.

We will evolve, we will survive and we will spread out into the galaxy. DNA engineering is the future.

Comment: Here's the truth about ad-block (Score 1) 699 699

Here's the truth, if you pay them XYk-XYZk (They NDA you) per year you get added to their "safe" list no matter what. Google, Facebook & pretty much every semi-legit ad network does. They brag about it & it's expensive.

It's not about the ad's being "safe" it's about how much you pay them. They have TONS of shady networks that pay the fee because it's ROI effective to do it.

It's a genius business model with almost no costs at all.

Adblock in my experience is roughly 10-15% of all internet traffic. This is based on real stats, impressions go up this much when you get around it.

Conversely for advertisers, the traffic generally is almost worthless & generates very little revenue at all. But the Ad network's don't care because the majority of Ad networks operate on a CPM basis. It's dirty.

Comment: Utter BS from Reed Hastings & Netflix (Score 0) 181 181

Reed & Netflix is FOS when it comes to Net Neutrality, when you truly don't believe in something, you don't compromise your values for cash like they did with Comcast.


How can we have a world free from NN, when one of the worlds biggest websites by bandwidth usage, pay's off an ISP for "premium" access to their network.

How about you practice what you preach Netflix, instead of whining when the cost is to much for your shareholders to bear. Pussy's.

Comment: Ads are good for the internet. (Score -1, Flamebait) 418 418

Imagine you had to pay every time you wanted to watch a YouTube video? Like when you goto a movie, or order cable TV, I'll gladly wait 10sec & click skip, vs shelling out money every time.

People seem to forget, the internet RUNS on advertising money. It's what pay's the "real" bills for servers, staff & redbull's.

IMO, if ads stopped across all internet sites, or the online advertising industry completely collapsed. The internet as we know it, would be gone.

Comment: You got it all wrong. This is about taxes & mo (Score 1) 749 749

Microsoft is saying the US has no jurisdiction over "Microsoft Ireland" not "Microsoft US" & technically they are right. It's a completely separate business entity.

You see, to avoid paying high taxes in the US. Microsoft like Apple, Google etc... create parent companies in foreign countries. To which they pay huge sums of revenue in licensing fees to lower or sometimes completely avoid paying any tax in the US. Ireland specifically up until recently was THE cornerstone for this tax scheme. It's also legal in the US btw.

Microsoft doesn't want to open itself up to tax obligations in the future by allow these types of requests.

Watch the documentary "We're Not Broke" on Netflix, about $2.4 trillion in corporate tax avoidance since 2000-2013. They explain this legal scam & Ireland is front and center in implementing it. Taxes are the reason they are fighting this.

Comment: Why aren't we using volcanoes for melting plastic? (Score 1) 139 139

Why not just put the worlds plastic in a volcano. BAM just solved the worlds plastic problem.

We could pitch other stuff as-well in volcanoes like cars, electronics & other stuff I'm sure. I don't think anyone will complain about a polluted volcano.

I asked everyone in the office about this & they agree with me. I'm right.

Comment: Dedicated servers are cheaper / faster. (Score 1) 409 409

If your company actually has a large amount of web traffic. Or a large backend software system that holds business critical information. The to the cloud chant!, is really stupid.

Its almost never cheaper in my experience to move into the "cloud". Sure, hosting your static files & images on a CDN (Eg cloud) service that makes sense.

Just buy a managed servers from a good hosting company, they will do all the "work" just like in the cloud & you will reduce you bill easily 50% then using cloud services.

Comment: 1st world problems... (Score 5, Insightful) 345 345

'I don't want to hear that tired "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" ... "Upgrade to a newer version of Windows, or switch to another modern operating system, such as OS X or Linux."

You are obviously very out of touch with the WHO & WHY of why people continue to use XP.

1) Not everyone can AFFORD to update their computer, buy a new computer or buy a new copy of windows. Let alone get a Mac...
2) Most of the world is not tech savvy. The idea that you would get them to install Linux is really not practical. People are creatures of habit & that will never change. Look at how many people freaked out when W8 removed the start button.
3) A large % of users are in 2nd & 3rd world countries. The fact they even HAVE a computer & electricity to power it is a BIG deal. You're being very dismissive of how the majority of the world lives. You should travel more.

XP is like an old car... sure it eats 5x the amount of gas, but it gets you from point a to b.

You will have many recoverable tape errors.