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Comment: NDK support (Score 1) 140

by musikit (#46528959) Attached to: Google Android Studio Vs. Eclipse: Which Fits Your Needs?

Neither support debugging with NDK.
android has absolutely 0 support for it.
some people have apparently gotten NDK debugging working in eclipse. i've tried every example on the web and have been unsuccessful in ever getting ndk debugging working. maybe oneday google will realize ndk support is worth a damn.

Comment: NTT in Japan (Score 5, Funny) 229

by musikit (#45107633) Attached to: Broadcasters Petition US Supreme Court In Fight Against Aereo

Living in Japan once in a while someone from NTT knocks on my door asking that i give them money for receiving the signal they broadcast.
my teachers told me about this scam however i tell them two true things

1. i dont have a TV. so im not paying for something i'm not receiving
2. if you don't want me to get the signal then don't broadcast it to me.

same should apply here. the TV stations broadcasted their signal in "cleartext"

Comment: Re:250?! (Score 1) 68

by musikit (#44386227) Attached to: BlackBerry Cuts 250 Workers, Calls It Efficiency

they recently cancelled their playbook.
the aspect ratio on the q10 is a 1:1 why? wth? now i have to support 3 aspect ratios in my games? umm no.
their dev environment isnt that great.
uploads to devices are capped at 1meg per sec.
i can't kill -9 a process. so i need to reboot the phone whenever i put an infinite loop in.
they really should have loaded their software on top of android and been done with it. immediate developer support in a slightly better dev environment.
MS and BB are really two companies in the mobile market that took the bad crap that google and apple did and copied it. then added their own bad crap on top.

+ - IAP going heywire

Submitted by musikit
musikit (716987) writes "Have you purchased a app on the Google Play or on iTunes? did it have an IAP (in app purchase)? The IAP market has gone heywire. Apps are being "upgraded" to have IAP. gone are the days when i purchased an App. the entire ecosystem has seemed to move from purchase based to nickel and dime based. it is time we asked why. or at least ask for the ability to filter out apps with IAP. what do you think?"

Comment: Re:"open source" the source code after release.. (Score 1) 77

by musikit (#43444793) Attached to: DarkSeas Games Developing Spiritual Successor To <em>Road Rash</em>

there is more then "stealing other's code" to decompile a unity program. like i don't know test how good it is at protecting my intellectual property. but i guess everyone who uses a decompiler is a thief. ohh wait you used a decompiler. you must be a thief.

Comment: "open source" the source code after release.. (Score 2) 77

by musikit (#43444299) Attached to: DarkSeas Games Developing Spiritual Successor To <em>Road Rash</em>

I like this. i think it is the funniest part of the project. as since they are using unity to build their game, the source code is already open source. as unity only does AOT compile on the iOS platform. so weather you want to give it away or not. you did! look at any unity android game and open the apk yourself and you can use a c# decompiler to get back to original source (minus comments). I actually asked for AOT compile for all platforms on unity and was ignored.

but thanks for "open sourcing" it. i guess.

Comment: Re:OUYA: Free To Play PITA. (Score 1) 196

by musikit (#42802929) Attached to: OUYA Android Game Console Available In June

totally agree. as a user i dont download apps anymore that have IAP. i can't tell or dont want to tell the difference between full game unlock and nickel and diming me to death. so i check IAP is there... no buy. i don't care if i dont need to use it to beat the game. its there i dont download i dont buy.

as a developer who uses unity, there API sucks ass. i need to do 10 or more C#->Java "native" calls in order to get the entire joypad information. umm switching languages is like slow dude. no thanks.

i wish them all the success. but it does seem that this is an alpha product.

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