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Comment: Re:cough (Score 1) 604

by musicmaster (#32770536) Attached to: The Ignominious Fall of Dell

In 1998 A customer of mine had a whole batch of Dells who all had the same problem that the second IDE port didn't work. No problem as long as you kept the machine as you received it, but it became a problem when I wanted to add cdroms. As the whole batch had the problem they should have known about it. But instead they tried to make life difficult for me: "have you tried that? Didn't you make that mistake?". It paid of for them. I got so sick of it that I only asked replacement for those computers where I actually needed 3 IDE devices at that moment. But in fact the whole batch (some 15 computers) was bad.

Comment: Re:Google is evil (Score 1) 418

by musicmaster (#32291970) Attached to: Google's Streetview Privacy Snafu Prompts Lawsuit

I don't agree with much of what you said. But based on my recent experiences with Google Adsense I agree that Google has lost its moral compass. First they accused me of hosting illegal music and when I proved that that was not true they simply to my Adsense account away for having changed the color of my ad.


Comment: Mindthe free publicity effect (Score 1) 1376

by musicmaster (#28760771) Attached to: Ireland Criminalizes Blasphemy

Reminds me of the Dutch blasphemy law in the 1970s. The time spirit had become liberal, but there were still those old laws. So they prosecuted some writers who had written blasphemous books (if I remember well in one God had sex with a donkey). The writers were condemned to some fine. But the free publicity for their books had been such that they didn't care at all.

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