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Comment: Re: Er, that's a bit confusing (Score 1) 166

by murphtall (#47580763) Attached to: The Problems With Drug Testing
I know a couple 'professional lab rats' that travel from test to test to earn a living. The way they tell it about half the study participants do it fir a living and the other half just want some quick cash, like between jobs or a student. Not homeless and destitute like some posters seem to imply. CHEERS :)

Comment: Re:It's just a tool I guess (Score 0) 294

by murphtall (#46357647) Attached to: Doctors Say New Pain Pill Is "Genuinely Frightening"
its not hard to ship pot. i'll tell you what worked for SWIM from Seattle to Fargo for many years. Cannabis goes in ziplock, ziplock goes into turkey bag which is tied shut and crammed in a canning jar which is sealed tightly and wrapped in duct tape and placed inside of a Seal-a-meal style bag or another turkey bag. this was wrapped in a gym shirt or used socks and placed in syrofoam peanuts and shipped UPS slow with a tracking number. From 2004 to 2010 when we stopped this worked great every single time. Enjoy

Comment: Re: This is why I have a 1 week delayed install po (Score 1) 254

by murphtall (#44845411) Attached to: Microsoft Botches More Patches In Latest Automatic Update
This!!! Years ago, my first domme shared with me a tidbit on polar bears. I'm uncertain of its validity but I liked the point it illustrated. She said that polar bears are monogamous and mate for life. In a zoo if you leave them in the same cage, sex will slow to a trickle or stop. Now if you housed them in separate cages, every time they got together they would have sex. And to me, sex is very important. Since then she passed away and I've gotten Domme 2.0 with much the same qualities. We are in on open, committed relationship and live apart. And aside from the times when I spend much of the night restrained and titilated, teased and tortured in lieu of sex, I get a ton of sex when she's around. Then. Sunday night. She goes home. Best effing way to do a mate IMO. I'd suggest you guys with significant others give it a shot. And fwiw goto some swingers clubs. Have fun with life. Fuck often and as many humans as possible. Cheers

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