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+ - Have we reached peak gadgetry?->

Submitted by murkwood7
murkwood7 (807159) writes "This story:, made me think more on the subject of "peak gadgetry". An example of what I think of as "peak gadgetry" would be the current smartphones. They all look, and essentially operate, the same. Wearables, as exemplified by "smart watches", don't seem to add anything compelling to the mix. Short of something like nanonics, a la Peter Hamilton's "Nights Dawn" trilogy, I don't see anything on the horizon to replace smartphones or revolutinize communications.

Personal transportion hasn't quite caught up to peakness, maybe. I don't know that electric vehicles are it or not. EVs are slowly gaining popularity (maybe like early days of cellphones, say early 1990's).

I'm seeing an increase in the number of stories about consumer purchasing falling off, with more and more desperation on the part of marketing and sales departments. I'm only mildly surprised that no government has tried to mandate something like google glass to force advertisements on their citizens. Or something equally onerous!

Is this possibly the beginning of the end for capitalism?

As an aside. Apple has made me, an American who loves his country, hate them (Apple). I could not possibly care less about their fortunes. But I can still read articles about them for industry and cultural trends."

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+ - Testing Only!!

Submitted by murkwood7
murkwood7 (807159) writes "when i submitted a story i was prompted to share via facebook, twitter, and linkedln. i chose facebook and the software promptly posted to my wife's facebook page. why did it do that???????"

+ - Some states dropping GED due to price spikes!?!->

Submitted by murkwood7
murkwood7 (807159) writes "I know many people are tired of the rip-off prices (or spiraling-out-of-control costs!) in anything education related. It seems to me that there should be a Wiki-style Educational resource that states could use for this purpose. I. e. High School equivalency wiki. The basic educational requirements for someone to function in society (read and understand job ads, job apps, and, say, nutritional labels, wouldn't change drastically from year-to-year."
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