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Comment: Re:Indeed (Score 1) 317 317

IIUC, Amen is properly interpreted as meaning "So let it be" (traditionally "so be it", but subjunctive I is rarely used anymore).

As such, Amen is not the proper resoponse to an accurate portrayal of a historical fact. "yay verily" would be more accurate.

I was agreeing with this part of the quote:

You guys aren't fit to name the people who were there at the Internet's day one.

Sorry if I didn't make it obvious enough.

Comment: Re:Indeed (Score 1) 317 317

... poperatzo is a douche

What to say?! "Takes one to know one!"? Or, perhaps, "So says the douche!"?

Disclaimer: I have no idea who poperatzo is! But He/She sounds like an adult being slammed by a bunch of juvies who have taken of the cry of "Don't trust anyone over 19!"

Comment: Re:Indeed (Score 1) 317 317

No, you're not. You weren't born on the Internet's "day one". I was there on the other hand, and the people I knew back then would have had pieces of Gamergaters/MRAs/KiAs/and /pol in their crap. You guys aren't fit to name the people who were there at the Internet's day one.

If I was particularly religious, I would say "Amen". Ah, I'll say it anyway: "Amen"!

Comment: Barbarians at the Gate... (Score 1) 83 83

This is another example of what I call "barbarians at the gate". I didn't come up with that phrase. I don't remember where I first came into contact with that phrase.

The idea, as best as I can recall, is something like this: The empire won't fall simply because of the increasing decadence of the empire. It falls because it eventually gets weak enough that the barbarians, ever-present at the gate, can bring it down with a simple raid.

These people are "barbarians at the gate". They don't care that they are trying to destroy the Internet. They are after chaos or, maybe, simply trying to "earn" a dollar. They are no different to ISIS. That group of fanatics trying to force the world to submit to their stupidly strict interpretation of Islam. Or to those hate-mongers in many forums who should probably have "Poor Impulse Control" tattooed on their forehead... i.e. Barbarians.

I think I first came across the phrase in a book by Larry Niven.

Comment: Re:one should note: governments are same everywher (Score 1) 219 219

...government in US kill people in their homeland (cops killing innocent people)...

If you think this is any sort of "official policy", even remotely, a simple google search will correct that ignorance. well as abroad (bombing Middle East).

Well, the terrorists were targeting the US; now they are targeting each other. Not ideal, but, hey, they need to kill somebody!

to sum up! ...

You are silly.

Comment: Free speech. I understand. (Score 1) 1097 1097

I posted a comment an hour or so ago and it is gone. It was a reply to another post here. Is there possibly someone here who does not believe in free speech?

It was a comment about the ordinariness of mohammad. It was only my opinion.

Here now is a comment about free speech: Two dickheads died in Texas for trying to violently shut down free speech.
Here now is a question: Do you think those two dickheads learned their lesson? The lesson being that you shouldn't try to shut down the right to free speech of citizens of the USA!

There is a reason God created guns. (And if you don't understand what that statement means, you never will.)

+ - Which smartphone is stable these days?

janimal writes: It used to be true that the iPhone was the smartphone that "just works". Ever since the 4S days, this has been true less and less with each generation. My wife's iPhone 6 needs to be restarted several times per week for things like internet search or making calls to work. An older 5S I'm using also doesn't consistently stream to Apple TV, doesn't display song names correctly on Apple TV and third party peripherals (like a Mercedes Benz). In short, the mainstay of Apple that is quality is fast receding. In your opinion, which smartphone brand these days is taking up the slack and delivering a fully featured smartphone that "just works"?

Many people are unenthusiastic about their work.