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Comment: complications piled on complications (Score 1) 1

Just a thought: You, or Google, or somebody, is introducing a (small) complication (altering an email address) in peoples already over-complicated lives. It makes it seem like they now have two email addresses to maintain. I understand that it is designed to make peoples lives easier in the long run but they may not see that.

+ - Keeps the Airspace Above Your Home Drone-Free->

Submitted by Zothecula
Zothecula (1870348) writes "About the only thing growing quicker than the number of privately owned drones is the level of concern surrounding them. Questions of privacy and how these things can be regulated are pretty well-founded, but are so far yet to be met with any convincing answers. may go some way to providing a solution, allowing users to enter their address to create drone-free zones in the airspace over their homes."
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Comment: Re:Compute per watt (Score 1) 82

by murkwood7 (#48916473) Attached to: Modular Smartphones Could Be Reused As Computer Clusters

Until we reach a point where compute per watt stabilizes, it is highly unlikely that anyone would be interested in using old components to build a cluster.

The first clusters WERE 'old components'. Not all of us had budgets that allowed the latest technology. Some of us didn't HAVE a budget, just a roomfull of 'old components'.

Comment: Re:The average human being (Score 1) 291

by murkwood7 (#48844655) Attached to: Innocent Adults Are Easy To Convince They Committed a Serious Crime

Not at all. To have that happen they have to prove that you're a physical danger to yourself or somebody else. Simply being eccentric, insane, or even being a criminal sociopath who defrauds people doesn't have a chance of landing you there.

My first thought to this is: "What country do you live in? Where reality has something to do with the court system?" .\:p/.

In my country (USA), everything depends on what the definition of the word 'is' is. And the only ones qualified to even discuss the issue are lawyers. Because, of course 'the truth' is 'vastly overated'.

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