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Comment Re:New eupemism? (Score 2) 179 179

Wallet in one back pocket, phone in the other. They go in when I stand up, and move to a front pocket or the car door/dash/whatever when I sit. Or get tossed in my purse if I'm sitting down at a restaurant/movies/something-else. I don't know why that's a difficult concept, I grew up around men who always carried a wallet in their back pocket but with sciatica in the family hated sitting on them; the phone is no different.

Comment Re:"Pocket dialed"? (Score 1) 179 179

My phones have strangely only done this when attached to wireless headphones. Setting the screen to auto-lock and getting in the habit of hitting the power button when I'm done with it helps a ton. But tap the "activate" button on a ear piece or headphone twice, and it will call the last person back. Caused a bit of a panic when I called my parents to tell them I was sick with a flu and was laying down for a nap. I put on said headphones, turned on some trance, and fell asleep. Tilting my head over on the headphone caused it to call them back an hour later, where I talked in my sleep in some manner that they thought was me asking for help. It is truly scary to be woken up from a nap by emergency people banging on the door while the voice of your mother whispers in your ear when you thought you just laid down for a nap.

Comment Re:An actual question (Score 1) 727 727

because the proper, conversational response to being told "you are showing prejudices against a group of people" is not "no I'm not, shut up whore" but instead "what have I done to suggest that?" If someone points to your behavior and says "that behavior is prejudiced," again the correct response isn't to shout "no it isn't" but is to ask "how can I better express my view that X equals Y without being prejudice," or "my view is X, how is that prejudiced?"

Then learn from the experience.

Comment Re:An actual question (Score 2) 727 727

Actual nominally-female gamer here. You've been demonized since the 90s? Welcome to my 80's (Atari 2600), where as a girl who liked games I was spit on, shamed, shunned, and all the rest of the stuff that GGers complain about. I put up with parents who didn't think video games were for girls, same for computers and programming.

You know why I don't agree with GamerGate? Because so much of the hatred spewed in it's name is targeting women for having an opinion about the way women have been portrayed in video games. We've been here just as long as you have. We've gone through the same shit. But if we dare voice an opinion about that, we're shouted down as femi-nazis and SJWs.

Maybe you aren't part of that part of gamergater, maybe you don't mind women who have an opinion about "things". Tell ya what, I'll stop purposefully conflating the various sides of GG (the truth in reviews part, the men's rights side, etc) when GGer's stop conflating all feminists with a few fringe 1st and 2nd wave non-intersectional feminists.

Comment Re:"Machine with Concrete." (Score 1) 148 148

I don't know about a hand crank version, but MIT did have a bunch of his works on display a few years ago. I had to do a spring break report for a new media art course, and my spring break happened to be a trip to Boston to see family. I stared at "Machine with Concrete" for a while, working out how long it would take to move the tip of a gear tooth one Planck length; assuming no backlash. Pre-loaded with backlash, that machine could go well past mankind's existence before the concrete felt any force.

And I really wanted a small version of "Machine with Oil" to sit on my desk. The chain sound, the garage odor, the constant work being done just to keep doing work. Beautiful.

Comment Don't live in an echo chamber (Score 1) 179 179

There is a simple way to avoid having fb or any other social network keeping you in a "bubble". Pop the bubble! Meet people with views you don't share, and talk to them. I am "far-left" by US standards, though I believe the NFA needs to be destroyed and the ATF dismantled, because I believe in personal liberty and rights while restricting the liberties and "rights" of corporations but still believe that estate taxes are necessary to prevent certain families from accumulating all the wealth. Friends include Bush-style neo-conservatives, libertarians, and more. The up side of this is that beliefs and ideas get shared, and discussions happen. I know I've changed my stance on some issues due to discussions, and I've been told that they have as well.

As for why more liberals "unfriend" people is because I see more conservative people posting "If you don't believe then just unfriend me now." After the third one of those posts in a month, I asked a conservative friend if he really wanted me to unfriend him because I did not agree with his post; he did not and has since stopped posting those memes.

Comment Re:Law enforcement doing what they should do (Score 1) 254 254

See, I think the part that everyone is missing is that by posting this on April 28th, he wasn't possibly referring to the moment of silence or the traffic that the memorial gets. And there is the context, YikYak is meant to be local, so this statement was not meant to be read by people outside the Blacksburg area. And to the staff. faculty, and students-turned-townies, this read like a threat.

So the cops investigated. They warned the campus, and the student turned himself in.

Comment Re:i don't understand the premise of the post (Score 1) 254 254

You don't seem to understand how the US system works. You might want to brush up on Article 3, and Marbury v. Madison. Now, if you don't like that the SCOTUS has review over even the Constitution, then you've had since 1803 to start an Amendment process to change that.

Until then, shouting "fire" in a crowded place stays illegal until the Court's ruling is revised or their power is amended.

Comment Re:Poster sounds sympathetic, but sounds like thre (Score 1) 254 254

Because none of the freshmen, hell even most the senior grad students, were around for the original shooting. It's been 8 years, that's enough time for freshmen who were here to have graduated, and gotten done a combined masters/PhD. Eight years ago, those freshmen would have been in 5th grade, probably in another state! The community of Blacksburg, though, remembers; mostly because there was the escaped cop killer at the beginning of that term that had the campus locked down and people scared, and a student beheaded at the end of that term. The faculty, staff, and townies like me hear a threat like that and get worried.

Even the staff at NRVCS get worried, since that was another of the targets. I have friends working there now, and had family working there the day shit happened in '07.

Maybe if the anon student hadn't posted "another 4 16 moment is going to happen" (moment, wtf?) followed with "Just a warning" (okay, that sounds . . . threatening) then maybe people wouldn't have reacted the way they did.

Comment Re:Yiddish insults (Score 1) 626 626

Not being Jewish, but coming from a religion with very strange rules, I like this idea. Picking a name before the baby was born was a sure-fire way to piss off god and get a dead baby; insults come from there. And then there is always the southern "Bless your heart."

Comment Re:Memorizing site-unique passwords isn't possible (Score 1) 267 267

Instead they just ask swype for access to their "living language" database that stored things you typed along with locations to keep track of "words used in certain locales". Look back in the news about 2 years, when swype was using up large amounts of people's data plans and read between the lines a little about swypes "reason" for doing so and methods to stop the keyboard from doing it.

Comment The whole bloody thing? (Score 1) 307 307

So, when I first went to school, the school made a requirement: Win2k. Not bad, and a local store offered offered a nice deal for one with a Pentium 3, CD burner, and GeForce 400 (or equivalent which will come back to bite everyone in the ass). They provided, instead, a AMD Athlon Slot A with a passive heatsink, ZIP drive, CD-ROM drive, and Matrox G400 which was not supported in Win2k, just 98 and later 2003. So, despite me pointing this out as it continued to fail while playing video games, and the shop ignoring me and replacing a working Matrox for another working Matrox that still had unusable drivers, they eventually started trying to "fix" the problem by finding other things.

Eventually, the shop replaced the motherboard. At some point after that, the HD decided that the MBR did not exist any more. Attempting to boot resulted in nothing, but booting a live CD of Linux (someone else burned me a CD? it's been a while) would show that the drive still worked. So they added a drive so I could back things up and replaced the mobo again. Then, the computer started to really misbehave; as if crashing in every DirectX game wasn't weird enough. I wasn't a hardware geek then, so I failed to notice that the PSU was way under-spec for the system as it started (1 HDD, 3.5, ZIP drive) and after the replacements they gave me (extra HDD and a CD burner) it was really stretched. Everything would brown out a random points.

And that's where it got strange. As a note, I didn't have pets (what 1 room apartment can survive a pet?) and didn't smoke. One vacation, it was sitting in my bedroom at my parents. Plugged in, but turned off. It had been annoying me, I had borrowed a friend's game at the last LAN party to play while they focused on Smash Bros or GoldenEye or Magic games. Anyways, I walked past my bedroom at home one day, and heard a strange noise from the supposedly off computer. Windows was "shut down", not sleep/standby. Suddenly, POP, then a short burst or flame, and lots of smoke. Thankfully, the fuse for that circuit blew; or the GFCI did. Of course, the small shop swore up and down that that couldn't have happened. Did they replace everything? HELL NO, they swapped in a new PSU and refused to pay attention to lemon laws. I went about being a college student, and when I changed computers a not long later (2 years of bad behavior, and 2 years is a long time in the CompSci world) this box kept it's nickname of "The Hell Box" (I think it blew a breaker at a LAN party, too) and stayed in a closet.

Years later, when I finally got around to cleaning out my closet at my parent's, I took this old machine to practice parts salvaging. "De-soldering" components, saving any passive stuff like VGA sockets. The CPU? It was one of the first pieces used to "calibrate" my home-made reflow oven and paint scraper method of removing components. Since it worked, I think I left the actual CPU die sitting in the bottom of the oven while I messed with the rest of it. I would have snuck the slot circuit board into a wood chipper or against a grinder if it weren't for fiber glass and lungs. The HDDs were salvaged for the magnets and the pretty glass, the CD and 3.5" for motors (those strangely still work!), and the rest of was destroyed with great glee and then sent to electronics recycling as bags of components and a few circuit boards.

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