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Comment Oh no (Score 0) 161

Saw this and had some bad flashbacks to using Perl. What a monstrosity. Even a friend of mine who loved it admitted he could read his own code later on. If you have to write a one liner, fine, but I had to maintain actual code written in Perl. It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.

Comment Re:Can we get back (Score 1) 94

Not really. We can call Pluto a "planet" and call the asteroids asteroids and call the Kuiper Belt objects Kuiper Belt objects. There's no particular need to go into a frenzy over it. The reality is that there is going to be range of sizes of objects, from "almost suns" down to pebbles, so sweating exactly how you are going to name objects is ridiculous.

Comment Re:Imputed Income! (Score 2) 146

The current US "regime" wanted to charge home owners who had taken a mortgage on a house years ago and were making relatively small payments by current rates, the difference between what their house would rent for (if it was more than the mortgage payment) and the mortgage payment as imputed income. Yes, if you were paying $500 a month and the house could rent for $1500, you would have to add $12000 to your annual income in "imputed" income.

This sounds like extreme BS. Care to cite something other than Internet rumor?

Comment Re: Brought about by the internet? (Score 1) 728

Well, because a lot of critics of Israel ARE in fact antisemites, clothing their hatred of Jews under the guise of "gee, we don't hate all Jews, just the Israelis". It really depends on what's being criticized. If it's a specific policy, ok. If it's the very existence of a Jewish state, that's antisemitic.

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