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Comment Re:What works for Jack Welch doesn't always work.. (Score 1) 250

I was at a rather bizarre all-company video conference meeting years ago on this topic. The head of software dev had been pushing to fire the "bottom" 10% each year, because he was a psycho who enjoyed firing people. The head HR woman came on the conference first and announced that there was a new policy that the "bottom" 10% would be place on an "improvement" program. Then dev head comes on and starts talking about firing people. HR woman drags him off, they come back in a few minutes, HR woman talks about "improvement" programs. Dev head comes on and talks about firing people. Repeat. It was amusing in a Dilbert sort of way.

Comment Re:Why does every story need a villian and a victm (Score 3, Interesting) 214

Yeah, the "exploitation of older people" is such a bizarre argument that ignores everything else in the summary. After all, retirees are looking for part time work to augment their income. They don't need medical insurance, they don't need a 401K, they don't need paid vacation, they need a little extra $ in their pockets. The statement that giving a retiree exactly what he wants is "exploiting" him is absurd.

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