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Comment Re: Brought about by the internet? (Score 1) 713

Well, because a lot of critics of Israel ARE in fact antisemites, clothing their hatred of Jews under the guise of "gee, we don't hate all Jews, just the Israelis". It really depends on what's being criticized. If it's a specific policy, ok. If it's the very existence of a Jewish state, that's antisemitic.

Comment Re: Brought about by the internet? (Score 1) 713

No, it's not just doubt. The Holocaust is one of the best documented events in human history. The Germans kept meticulous records. You can still talk to survivors who were in the camps and saw the gas chambers in operation. The "deniers" know that millions were murdered. The purpose of denial is to avoid punishment and increase the chances of doing it again. Really, it's a continuation of Hitler's "big lie" theory: if the lie is big enough, people will believe it.

Comment Certainly a great achievement (Score 1) 89

Yes, developing their launch abilities is a great technical achievement and source of national pride. But does anyone seriously believe it's cheaper for India to develop this than to pay to launch a few communications satellites. Someone will no doubt say that "in the long run" it's cheaper, but I'd like to see numbers, because at this point, with the number of competitors, I don't believe it.

Comment Re: Unfortunately (Score 1) 468

Explain the fact that these allegedly intelligent gun owners, even owner who have used guns for years, do stupid things like mixing firearms with alcohol, firing guns in populated areas, accidentally kill their friends, etc. What people don't get is that firearms are designed to KILL. They are not toys, and they shouldn't be treated as such.

Comment Re:Unfortunately (Score 2) 468

The average person with a gun knows how to use it.

No, they don't, at least not in the USA. Guns are easy to get, no training required. Fairly often there are articles in the newspaper about people getting accidentally shot, and it's obvious that if they had a clue about how to use a gun, these accidents wouldn't happen. The last thing I want when a gunfight erupts is a bunch of untrained people trying to pull out their guns and firing.

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