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Comment Re:Don't evolve your business model (Score 1) 214

It's not about what you are "permitted to run". The question is whether users can access content in a way that deprives the content creator of any source of revenue. It's not some horrible crime that a company isn't going to give away their content completely for free, anymore than it's a crime that most people would like compensation for doing work.

Comment Re:Lost in Space? (Score 2) 166

I'm actually not sure there is the possibility of a decent story with that background. Lost in Space is a single family, a few people on an alien world. The original show turned into a bizarre series of encounters with random aliens. With nothing except the nucleus of a couple of people, it's not clear how else it could work out. Yes, it's based on Swiss Family Robinson and their adventures, so I suppose you could have "man vs. nature" for a while, and in fact the original show tried that for an episode. But you can't build a whole series around that.

Comment Re:Heinlein quote. (Score 1) 378

In space travel to me a paradigm shift would be more like either a novel method of propulsion, or the plan to drop automated fuel factories on Mars before the first human gets there to simplify the return plan. It seems to me (and I might be wrong) that people had talked about various combinations of landers and orbiters prior to this. This guy nailed it down and figured out how to make it work, but I'm still having trouble seeing that as revolutionary... more evolutionary.

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