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+ - Magellan II adaptive optics beats Hubble Space Telescope->

Submitted by muon-catalyzed
muon-catalyzed (2483394) writes "The incredible 'first light' images captured by the new adaptive optics system called Magellan|AO for "Magellan Adaptive Optics" in the Magellan II 6.5-meter telescope are at least twice as sharp in the visible light spectrum as those from the NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. "We can, for the first time, make long-exposure images that resolve objects just 0.02 arcseconds across — the equivalent of a dime viewed from more than a hundred miles away." said Laird Close (University of Arizona), the project's principal scientist.
The 6.5-meter Magellan telescopes in the high desert of Chile were widely considered to be the best natural imaging telescopes in the world and this new technology upgraded them to the whole new level. With its 21-foot diameter mirror, the Magellan telescope is much larger than Hubble with its 8-foot mirror. Until now, Hubble always produced the best visible light images, since even large ground-based telescope with complex adaptive optics imaging cameras could only make blurry images in visible light. The core of the new optics system the so-called Adaptive Secondary Mirror (ASM) that can change its shape at 585 points on its surface 1,000 times each second, counteracting the blurring effects of the atmosphere."

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Comment: Re:I want to believe (Score 1) 287

by muon-catalyzed (#44486869) Attached to: Forget Flash: Resistive RAM Crams 1TB Onto Tiny Chip
Here is the official release note from Crossbar Inc.

They have a production sample ready for the SOC integration, that looks all nice, but does the production scale well? Could this actually is be price comparable or cheaper then the NAND flash?

Comment: Re:AMD Shooting themselves in the foot (Score 1) 74

by muon-catalyzed (#44445733) Attached to: FreeBSD, Ubuntu Offer Same NVIDIA OpenGL Support As Windows
This is a great day for FreeBSD folk, now FreeBSD is even faster then W8 in some benchmarks. The closed source driver is a non-issue as long as nVidia would provide continuous support for it. Lots of key software is now working on FreeBSD like Libre and Apache office suites. PlayStation 4 is using FreeBSD too, so the AMD driver could also happen, interesting times!

Comment: Re:Prior art (Score 2, Interesting) 322

Nope, we have lost the Roman concrete precisely thanks to the Christian led purges of the 4th century. Constantine and Theodosius did it and the dark age quickly followed. They burned libraries, melted artworks dating back to the Etruscan era, history been rewritten so they are the saints now..

Comment: Re:Benchmarks are nice, but... (Score 1) 305

by muon-catalyzed (#43457051) Attached to: Ouya Performance Not Particularly Exciting

The PS Vita has a lot of good games, assuming you like japanese games.

Japanese only? PS Vita has lots of gold classics euro games from the PS1, like this amazing racer I've once played, but could not find anywhere anymore.., it's on Vita! Comes with a great sountrack from the Scene's legend Blazer (Olof G)

Comment: Re:FUD summary as usual (Score 5, Interesting) 263

by muon-catalyzed (#43399621) Attached to: "Dark Lightning" Could Expose Airline Passengers To Radiation
> just stick a few geiger counters and recorders on planes and fly them near thunderstorms

Rewind the footage to about 5:00 when the airplane is at about the cruising altitude, it is that bad, even without the pesky thunderstorms.

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