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Comment: Privacy law disagrees (Score 2) 165

by munky99999 (#39088545) Attached to: Universities Agree To Email Monitoring For Copyright Agency

Except in Canada you have to give them the right to monitor email or internet traffic as you do have reasonable expectation of privacy.

Simply have to refuse to sign any paperwork which gives them the right to monitor. If they do monitor and try to do anything then they are basically providing evidence that makes your lawsuit very easy.

Comment: Is there a gender check in GIT? (Score 1) 589

by munky99999 (#38730034) Attached to: Tackling Open Source's Gender Issues

Is there a gender check in GIT? Is there a gender check in subversion? If I submit code under nothing more than a pseudonym then I have contributed to open source and taken part without a care in the world as to what my gender is. If I then get on freenode to talk to the developers; there's still no gender test. There's no gender test on reading the 'learn programing language X in 30 days'.

So there's absolutely nothing stopping women from joining open source; so why then is there 'issues' and 'problems' doesnt sound like a problem to me. Simple fact is that women arent in open source because the $ is better elsewhere. Engineering and drafting scholarships worth $25,000 for women; large corporations with 'hiring quotas' that give women any wage they ask for regardless of skill in the fields they are considered lacking. Sexism in other fields draw technical women away from open source and getting open source into the same sexist $ offering to draw women is just absurd.

Comment: Tin foil hats (Score 1) 129

by munky99999 (#38331694) Attached to: Aerospace Corp Pays $2.5m To Settle Rogue Software Dev Case

---Aerospace Corp. oversees many of the nation's most classified programs.

---Hunter died in August 2010 of natural causes while under criminal investigation, Daniels said. He was 56.

---The company said it discovered the fraud in 2008 when a third company inquired about Hunter's security clearance.

Natural causes at 56 while living nicely? Oh ya?

Comment: Secunia doesnt pay anything. (Score 1) 36

by munky99999 (#38033686) Attached to: So You Want To Be a Zero Day Exploit Millionaire?

Secunia's program doesn't offer any $ so why the fuck give them anything. ZDI offers basically nothing.

There are a few places which offer decent cash and there are a few ebay-ish places which let you sell but they aren't that popular.

Amazon says they want to offer everything... they should allow it and all we need to do is put them up there.

Comment: supply vs demand (Score 1) 1797

by munky99999 (#37817842) Attached to: Ron Paul Wants To End the Federal Student Loan Program

In the grand supply vs demand world. If they got rid of the student loan system there would be ridiculously fewer people getting an education and therefore less demand. So theoretically they would lower the cost of post-secondary by lots. Though at the same time that also means far fewer professors and far less research from universities. Far few educated people... in a growing world economy which has larger and larger demand for skilled workers.

What a smart idea for the usa to do. I support ron paul but sadly i dont live in the usa and hope we socialize post-secondary.

Comment: The past week (Score 1) 182

by munky99999 (#37603470) Attached to: SAIC Loses Data of 4.9 Million Patients

Long story short my current job blows very badly. I have been looking at job postings for computer security positions. In the last week I have been seeing lots of SAIC postings.

Please excuse short url below.

Looks like they are hiring security people at a coincidental time. I wonder who got fired or if there was anyone to even get fired.

HEAD CRASH!! FILES LOST!! Details at 11.