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Comment: Re:Start turning the cogs (Score 1) 978

by mujadaddy (#43161861) Attached to: Game Site Wonders 'What Next?' When 50% of Users Block Ads

Unfortunately, for all the talk of micro-payments, I've never seen a serious attempt at implementing them.

So the problem isn't that commercial websites are greedy, it's that banks, et al, are greedy? Surely there's a simple solution staring everyone in the face that I can't think of right now either.

Also, I'm not discounting the fact that Google is a big part of the Ad Thing's perpetuation. Finding [N] on the internet used to be done differently when you weren't guaranteed money for it...

Comment: Re:I used to block ads (Score 1) 978

by mujadaddy (#43161007) Attached to: Game Site Wonders 'What Next?' When 50% of Users Block Ads

If the threat is that all the commercial enterprises are going to vanish from the internet and we're going to end up back in a time when the internet was for enthusiasts generating and trading information and content among each other without having to monetize absolutely every fucking page load, then by all means -- I'm on board.

This, so fucking hard. Used to be you spent hundreds a month on modem fees to give your BBS content away.

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by mujadaddy (#34766728) Attached to: Why BioWare's <em>Star Wars</em> MMO May Already Be Too Late

A group has been working on re creating the orignal SWG (haven't check on the project since last spring), but I would play it again in a heartbeat.

There are actually a few groups trying that.

I'm not affiliated with the devs of SWGEmu, but I have been monitoring their progress as a member for some time now.

They've got a working game, and a lot of passion, but not much free-time to work on it. Check it out if you've still got your old disks!

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