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Comment: fiction vs. reality (Score 1) 66

by muckracer (#43580061) Attached to: Robot Snake Could Aid Search and Rescue Operations

"So how'd those new robot snakes work out when you poured through the rubble?"
"Excellent, Sir! We've located 4 survivors with them!"
"Nice work!! Their relatives must be ecstatic!"
"Well, actually it didn't work out that way, Sir..."
"All 4 unfortunately succumbed to heart attacks as soon as we spotted them, Sir..."
"Well, that's not good! Really not!!"
"No, Sir. We're still working on that part..."

Comment: Re:Logical Fallacy Bingo (Score 1) 706

by muckracer (#41681695) Attached to: US Presidential Debate #2 Tonight: Discuss Here

> The reason is because their natural constituency (of which I am
> one) is smart enough to know that "Nadering" Obama and
> ending-up with Romney is not in our best interests. I would rather
> have the Greens in charge, but that is not an option; a liberal voting
> for the Green Party is a vote for Romney.

So with other words, you are a Democrat! Got it. ;-)

Comment: Re:Whatever (Score 3, Insightful) 121

by muckracer (#41606619) Attached to: Phil Zimmermann's New App Protects Smartphones From Prying Ears

>> and Ron Paul elected president before this will happen.


Of course this was meant as a joke. ;-)
We all know, that in reality Gary Johnson (L) will be elected President! And then we don't need to encrypt our phone calls least not because of the government snoops, because Pres. Johnson has shut them all down! :-)

Comment: Re:Will it... (Score 1) 165

by muckracer (#41396915) Attached to: Sony Announces 'Superslim' PS3

Actually it may be the case:

"According to some unofficial information, the new PlayStation 3 super-slim model (CECH-40) is powered by IBM Cell microprocessor made using 32nm process technology as well as Nvidia RSX graphics processor produced using 28nm fabrication process."

Comment: Re:If my work inbox is any indication... (Score 1) 314

by muckracer (#40152873) Attached to: What Would a Post-Email World Look Like?

> the trust issue has been largely fixed with IM. Most networks won't
> deliver a message unless someone is explicitly whitelisted.

The same thing could long have been done with e-mail. Especially if the messages were routinely GPG-signed. You could whitelist senders the first time you get a message from them.
Everything else goes by default into the SPAM folder (unless sender's signature is known & verified via GPG intermediates).

Why aren't we doing it? Because no freaking client I know of ever turned encryption and signing on by default! And that's why we have such a sorry state of affairs on so many levels, incl. spam and phishing, which is only an authentication issue.

Comment: Re:He's running for office in the wrong country (Score 1) 745

by muckracer (#40006037) Attached to: Ron Paul Effectively Ending Presidential Campaign

> As for Switzerland, you might be unaware that there's a rampant
> and growing "screw rich foreigners, they deserve to get taxed
> more" sentiment. As in an über-tax the blasted creeps who buy
> Swiss Francs as a store of wealth, screwing exports in the
> process kind of sentiment.

Actually you are unaware or uninformed. Swiss have little against the rich...themselves being pretty well-off for the most part (compared with other places).
The tax you're referring to is basically a flat-tax for rich foreigners living in Switzerland but who are not working there (if they would, they'd pay normal taxes on their wages).
Instead it's based on their living expenditures and thus the tax for these very well-off foreigners is in most cases *significantly lower* than for folks, swiss or foreigner, who are actually working for a living. So if anything, the Swiss feel, that the same (tax) rules should apply to everybody.
What this has to do with swiss francs and exports, probably only you know (again...those folks LIVE there by choice, not because they feel philantropic about the swiss economy!).

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