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Comment: Re:Keep it Apples vs Apples. (Score 1) 377

by mu51c10rd (#47262313) Attached to: Are US Hybrid Sales Peaking Already?

Nice try. I recently (as in a few months ago) went shopping for a Highlander. I already a Hybrid, and expected to go with a Highlander Hybrid. However, I don't need a Limited trim as I could care less about the bells and whistles on a vehicle that only needs to get me from point A to point B. What did Toyota do this year? Removed the Hybrid from everything except the top 2 trims (Limited and Platinum). I could buy a base Highlander for 29...or a Hybrid for 48. Now calculate how much you would need to pay for that in gas. Even factoring in inflation in gas prices, I was reaching around 15 years or so. I love my hybrid, it's an Escape that I get around 30 mpg for. However, Hybrid sales have peaked because they made them too expensive and no longer can be paid off in gas mileage.

Comment: Re:Massive conspiracy (Score 2) 465

by mu51c10rd (#47262163) Attached to: IRS Lost Emails of 6 More Employees Under Investigation

Many companies have short data retention policies to help with litigation. If your policy is to only retain email for a year (both in mailboxes and backups), then no court can subpeona anything older. It is a protection mechanism. However, this article shows how inept the IRS infrastructure staff are. No pst files should exist if you have a data retention policy. And if your policy is space saving, pst files should never be stored locally. Does the IRS use low paid GS11 IT people or is it outsourced to HP/IBM/etc?

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