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Comment: Re:OOOOooo "dozens warned they MAY need to flee" (Score 1) 64

by mu51c10rd (#48244815) Attached to: Lava Flow In Hawaii Gains Speed, Triggers Methane Explosions

It's not THAT remote (my cellphone worked as of end of last year there). We tourists tend to pass through Pahoa on the way down for the tours hiking across the lava fields or taking the boats out to the old lava egress points on the ocean. Need highway 130 for that...should this lava bisect the town, it is going to hurt the volcano tourism industry significantly Pahoa also is the last place for a pitstop or some food on the way south too.

Comment: Re:Same as it's been forever. (Score 1) 303

by mu51c10rd (#48102773) Attached to: What's Been the Best Linux Distro of 2014?


Try running Microsoft Integration services on anything other than a RHEL derivative. Same with CA, Symantec, and who knows how many other closed source software providers. They only supply binaries and instructions for Red Hat. Therefore, those of us who need to run large systems that have third party software tend to prefer Red Hat's ecosystem.

Comment: Re:Monitoring software (Score 1) 236

by mu51c10rd (#48102701) Attached to: Outsourced Tech Jobs Are Increasingly Being Automated

Then again, much of western Europe plays to a more labor friendly environment. Far more days off, no copays/deductibles/coinsurance plus premium healthcare...and even have paternity leave. The guy has a point...all these advancements were supposed to lower our workday. Instead, the average worker has lost benefits (pension plans, more burden on healthcare, less vacation days), and is far more productive...with much lower wages.

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