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Comment Wrong job for you (Score 1) 187

This seems another one of those "I know more than everyone else, why won't they listen to me" types of questions. True leaders can persuade their subordinates, peers, and others to follow them. Seems this is more of a case of wondering why people don't just do as you want. Guess what, no one knows everything, and there is sometimes more than one right way to accomplish something.

Comment Not surprising (Score 1) 122

Why is this surprising to anyone? I am sure it is quite similar in every industry. Between businesses cutting their IT staff (especially common between 2008-2012), moving from dedicated security people to having the admins be responsible for security as a secondary responsibility, to having dedicated security people from certificate factories who are more interested in checklists and getting shiny new toys from whichever vendor gets them the best bribe (movie tickets, sports game tickets, etc.); how is anyone surprised. I don't work in IT security, but I find there are not very many good security people out there, and even the good ones can struggle to find jobs as security people were easy to let go when companies don't value it as a "mission critical" headcount for RIFs. I suppose the only surprising thing in this article is that there aren't more data breaches that have occurred in healthcare.

Comment Counterproductive (Score 3, Insightful) 244

These arrests seem counterproductive. I was not aware of Popcorntime at all, but with this media coverage, am now more inclined to take a look at it. The media companies need to rethink their strategy. These services become more popular when they get them in the public eye (Napster, Limewire, Gnutella, PirateBay, etc.)

Comment Re:Presidential elections are like Microsoft Windo (Score 3, Informative) 492

Remember, the president is like a CEO/Sales person. He can not really fix any of the issues, he can only suggest that it be fixed and push others to fix it.

Well said...seems every election year, people forget that most of the issues the candidates claim they will fix, actually require Congress to fix them. The President relies upon 535 House members and 100 Senators to actually do any of their promises...hence, most don't happen.

Comment Re:Solves part of the mystery. (Score 1) 272

Not much "supposedly" about it. The rebels admitted to shooting it down and the intelligence agencies released transcripts of the radio traffic of the SAM site that shot it down. Granted, the rebels claimed they thought it was another Ukrainian troop plane..a big IL-76, but they did shoot it down. The fact that it happened to belong to Malaysian Airlines is certainly nothing more than coincidence.
As for completely disappearing...the only different between this case the German pilot who committed suicide in the Alps with an airliner is that the German one allowed us to retrieve the black box and learn what happened aboard.

Comment Re: Who cares? (Score 1) 272

> Many other ex British countries have turned out significantly better for the average citizen, eg Australia, NZ, England, Scotland, N Ireland, & Canada, free medicine and all that.

Then there's Afghanistan, Egypt, India, Iraq, Jordan, and Pakistan.

I get your argument, but to be fair, those countries were more conquered than colonized. I believe the OP's point was about British colonies, not territory gained during their empire's expansion.

Comment Depends on location (Score 1) 654

I ride the rain to work. I live out in the suburbs. The station is just over a mile from my house...and it takes about an hour total from closing my house door to stepping inside the office. Public transit only works depending upon location. Light rail and Express buses are great for suburbs...but they need to be near enough to subdivisions to be worthwhile. Businesses also need to be located close to each other in business parks so that transit options could handle multiple employees. Having businesses out by themselves means there will never be mass transit options for them. As for me, it is "free" only because my employer pays the cost for a pass for all employees.

Comment Re:Wow ... (Score 1) 249

Well, to be fair, 400 is not the gross profit. There are also engineering costs (product design and engineering), packaging, transportation, and overhead costs (administration). Your point still stands that Apple does have a much higher profit margin than the various Android handset manufacturers.

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