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Comment Depends on location (Score 1) 654

I ride the rain to work. I live out in the suburbs. The station is just over a mile from my house...and it takes about an hour total from closing my house door to stepping inside the office. Public transit only works depending upon location. Light rail and Express buses are great for suburbs...but they need to be near enough to subdivisions to be worthwhile. Businesses also need to be located close to each other in business parks so that transit options could handle multiple employees. Having businesses out by themselves means there will never be mass transit options for them. As for me, it is "free" only because my employer pays the cost for a pass for all employees.

Comment Re:Wow ... (Score 1) 249

Well, to be fair, 400 is not the gross profit. There are also engineering costs (product design and engineering), packaging, transportation, and overhead costs (administration). Your point still stands that Apple does have a much higher profit margin than the various Android handset manufacturers.

Comment Re:Comedy gold (Score 1) 445

I guess the Sixth Dynasty of Old Kingdom Egypt didn't notice they got washed away, and went on building their pyramids like nothing had happened.

No, they just hopped on top of the pyramids and waited for the water to subside. As for Sargon...why does everyone think only Noah has the ability to build a boat? I am quite humans were crossing the water in ancient times...and they certainly were not swimming across.

Comment Re:Solution (Score 1) 634

Amusing and ill-informed. I am a father of all daughters. They play with dolls and are doing just fine with Math and assembling computers. They can also dress up like princesses while learning astronomy (I spent an hour with a 5 year old dressed up like Princess Elsa while studying constellations through a telescope just last week). It's not the's the example. Far too many parents of girls don't push them to learn STEM subjects thinking there is no need for it.

Comment Re:What? Why discriminate? (Score 5, Insightful) 700

I would be ok with removing all tax exempt statuses from churches as long as charity work was deductible for them. We could then see which churches really do put their money where their mouth is in charitable work and donations. It would also encourage any religions which don't put much effort in helping the poor to change that behavior rather quickly.

Comment Re:It was inevitible (Score 1) 303

The days of people buying new computers every two years are over, except for a few. The whole operating system paradigm has shifted so much that trying to rely on people constantly upgrading it just doesn't work any more.

That's not true. They just make you upgrade your hardware every 2 years instead of software (phones, tablets, etc.).

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