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Comment: Re:So what was the plan? (Score 1) 825

by mu51c10rd (#47778087) Attached to: Russian Military Forces Have Now Invaded Ukraine

Since Crimea? Honestly, Putin has been using force for some time now. He invaded and pacified Chechnya, followed by an incursion into South Ossetia...with a followup into the rest of Georgia. Now, he is in Ukraine. I suppose for an encore...Armenia, Belarus better beware. The Baltics are in the best shape...they are NATO members.

Comment: Hardware still matters (Score 1) 145

by mu51c10rd (#47662873) Attached to: The Quiet Before the Next IT Revolution

It seems too many forget that all this virtualization still runs on physical servers. Those physical servers still need hardware upgrades, monitoring, and resource management (especially when one starts oversubscribing). I don't get why people keep thinking hardware went away. Instead of lots of 1U servers, now you have big iron running lots of virtual servers.

Comment: Re:How much is due to Congestion (Score 2) 72

by mu51c10rd (#47625161) Attached to: Expensive Hotels Really Do Have Faster Wi-Fi

Having worked for an ISP specializing in hotels...your wishful thinking is quite true. Hotels that charge tend to splie the revenue between the provider and the hotel. This is a higher margin for both, which allows for better equipment and better circuits. "Free" wifi at the lower and mid tier hotel build a flat rate into the room cost, as well pay a flat rate to their provider. This is a low margin product, so they tend to have smaller circuits and lower end gear. Keep in mind, the hotels buy the circuit size and equipment packages...not the providers. The Providers can recommend anything they want, but only the high end hotels tend to go with the recommendations (think Ritz Carlton by Hilton, JW Marriott, etc.)

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