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Comment: Re:What? Why discriminate? (Score 5, Insightful) 700

by mu51c10rd (#49477851) Attached to: 'We the People' Petition To Revoke Scientology's Tax Exempt Status

I would be ok with removing all tax exempt statuses from churches as long as charity work was deductible for them. We could then see which churches really do put their money where their mouth is in charitable work and donations. It would also encourage any religions which don't put much effort in helping the poor to change that behavior rather quickly.

Comment: Re:It was inevitible (Score 1) 303

by mu51c10rd (#49399557) Attached to: Microsoft Engineer: Open Source Windows Is 'Definitely Possible'

The days of people buying new computers every two years are over, except for a few. The whole operating system paradigm has shifted so much that trying to rely on people constantly upgrading it just doesn't work any more.

That's not true. They just make you upgrade your hardware every 2 years instead of software (phones, tablets, etc.).

Comment: Re:You'll get a princess if you raise a princess (Score 3, Insightful) 584

by mu51c10rd (#48523367) Attached to: Programmer Father Asks: What Gets Little Girls Interested In Science?

Same here...I'm also the father of all girls. They dress up as princesses, just as easily as they do science experiments, assemble a PC, or do math. Being a princess and "girly" is not mutually exclusive to being smart and independent.

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