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Comment Re:Tesla not on that list? (Score 1) 535

No reason to mention Tesla when you consider volume. The vast majority of the world lives in countries where no one has a Tesla...but you will find plenty of Toyotas, Hyundais, Chevys, and Fords there. Tesla's sales volume and marketshare I am guessing is dwarfed by the ones mentioned. However, you would have a point if he also mentioned Fiat, Mercedes, VW, Saab, etc.

Comment Re:And...? (Score 1) 449

Well put. As the father of all daughters, I would not push them into any type of all-girl camp. I want them to function in society...which consists of males and females. You are spot on with the supposed "distraction" of having boys with them. As it is, they are as comfortable dressing up and being princesses as they are playing sports or tearing down a PC with me. I see no reason to single them out by their gender.

Comment Re:Yes, we should give up because it is hard.. (Score 2) 684

Oddly enough, the technology developed to go to Mars could conceivably assist with your first request of eliminating carbon emissions. I am sure the power and propulsion systems will be unique and require advances in that area. I am not sure why people forget all the technology and inventions that come from space exploration...much of which does make our daily lives better.

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