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Comment: Re:Keep it Apples vs Apples. (Score 1) 377

by mu51c10rd (#47262313) Attached to: Are US Hybrid Sales Peaking Already?

Nice try. I recently (as in a few months ago) went shopping for a Highlander. I already a Hybrid, and expected to go with a Highlander Hybrid. However, I don't need a Limited trim as I could care less about the bells and whistles on a vehicle that only needs to get me from point A to point B. What did Toyota do this year? Removed the Hybrid from everything except the top 2 trims (Limited and Platinum). I could buy a base Highlander for 29...or a Hybrid for 48. Now calculate how much you would need to pay for that in gas. Even factoring in inflation in gas prices, I was reaching around 15 years or so. I love my hybrid, it's an Escape that I get around 30 mpg for. However, Hybrid sales have peaked because they made them too expensive and no longer can be paid off in gas mileage.

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