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Comment: No local media support (Score 2) 180

by mu51c10rd (#46642541) Attached to: Amazon Launches Android-Powered 'Fire TV' For Streaming and Gaming

No DLNA? This is simply a less functional Roku device. At least you can do a custom channel to play local files. I wish WD TV would get an Amazon app...but it appears that door is closed with the release of this device. Amazon hasn't realized there are a lot of people with local files as well...not just online app accounts.

Comment: Re:Odd Market. (Score 1) 180

by mu51c10rd (#46642517) Attached to: Amazon Launches Android-Powered 'Fire TV' For Streaming and Gaming

Not everyone wants a game console or PC tower sitting next to their TV. Also, having a streamlined deivce with a great UI makes sure the support calls are removed from the rest of the family. Who wants to tell their 10 year old for the 50th time to turn on the PC first and log in before using the TV? Also, I prefer to have a TV mounted on the wall with no entertainment center. These type of devices fit very well without sitting on the floor or running cables to nearby furniture. There is definitely a market...I have 3 WDTV SMPs..

Comment: Re:Why the focus on some archaic communication too (Score 1) 208

by mu51c10rd (#46573345) Attached to: White House To Propose Ending NSA Phone Records Collection

That's funny. I could have sworn one of the hottest technologies around was a thing called a "cellphone".

Which, oddly enough, are mostly used to play social games, store apps, browse the internet, and check emails/texts. Notice phone plans went to unlimited voice when the shift from voice calls to data usage happened? I still use the phone...but I admit it is mostly work related now...and I am too old to be part of "generation Y". Voice calls are going to voip or being replaced with social media and text messaging. It concerns me as well that the government can pay lip service to us and claim they won't collect the voice calls...while still collecting the internet and voip traffic.

Comment: Beta problem is a financial one (Score 5, Informative) 193

by mu51c10rd (#46177019) Attached to: New Type of Star Can Emerge From Inside Black Holes, Say Cosmologists

Dice released their 4th quarter filing...and it does not cast Slashdot in a good light:

Slashdot Media was acquired to provide content and services that are important to technology professionals in their everyday work lives and to leverage that reach into the global technology community benefiting user engagement on the site. The expected benefits have started to be realized at However, advertising revenue has declined over the past year and there is no improvement expected in the future financial performance of Slashdot Media's underlying advertising business. Therefore, $7.2 million of intangible assets and $6.3 million of goodwill related to Slashdot Media were reduced to zero.

Looks like running AdBlock on Slashdot and turning off ads may soon be the cause of their demise...

Comment: Slap on the wrist (Score 1) 822

by mu51c10rd (#46082913) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Does Edward Snowden Deserve?

While what he did was breaking the law by revealing information he was sworn to protect...I figure give him a slap on the wrist. Call him guilty on all charges...and then give him 500 hours of community service and let him on his way. The NSA on the other hand...needs to be reigned in and the government needs to have better checks and balances. Where is our recourse when all 3 branches agree and engage in unconstitutional behavior?

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