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Comment Re:It's a wider issue (Score 1) 84

As for Sony, to me it is inexcusable. I am under no obligation to be a mainstream user. The fact is, I bought a product for its feature set. If it now doesn't have some of those features, I no longer have what I paid for. The judge must be smoking crack IMHO.

Another example that comes to mind is VW diesels. Bringing them into emissions compliance by software update will reduce performance or mileage. The fact is that the cars were defective and if the defect can't be cured without degrading the specs, the buyers are owed compensation for degraded value.

Comment how about other third-party tracking? (Score 5, Interesting) 82

Knowing nothing about French law, is there anything Facebook-specific that led to this ruling? Is there a reason it wouldn't apply to other third-party tracking? For example Doubleclick and those kinds of networks track me across the web even if I've never signed up for an account with them or otherwise accepted their ToS.

Comment Re: Too late (Score 1) 423

Meanwhile, the venture capitalists have realized they can play all these sides in the culture wars just fine. Startup run by a brogrammer? Startup run by a social-justice activist? VC doesn't care either way, probably has both kinds in their portfolio.

Comment Re:So what should we do? (Score 1) 562

What progress? It's a gimmick.

If you want progress, go with a simple rotary switch that doesn't take up the whole center console or fool people into operating it incorrectly.. If you want all electronic but maintaining a familiar look and feel, go with a multi-position switch actuated by a gear lever with stiff dentents.

Comment more specifically, a clustering algorithm (Score 2) 50

I guess anything but trivial clustering algorithms are "machine learning", but rather than "using machine learning" it'd be more straightforward to describe them as having "applied a clustering algorithm" to see if calls can be grouped into, well, different clusters. That is an idea that's been floating around biology now and then, with a lot of work on clustering bird calls especially.

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