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Comment: welcome (Score 1) 193

by msmonroe (#49090341) Attached to: Human DNA Enlarges Mouse Brains

I for one welcome our new rodent overlords.

Yup, I saw this movie, doesn't end well for the humans.
The human race should just get it over with and a third of us will work on building terminator like machines, another third giving animals super human intelligence and the last third photocopying our butts and sending those photos out electronically to the stars!

Comment: Re:Link to the study. (Score 1) 422

by msmonroe (#48182965) Attached to: Soda Pop Damages Your Cells' Telomeres
This study sounds like a load of crap.There are tons of sugar and high fructose corn sugar in just about everything we consume; there are food items that contain sugar that you would never think would contain sugar. Why soda alone? I challenge the researchers to prove that there is a direct correlation between soda and shortening of age. It sounds like someone is pushing a political agenda.

Comment: Re:Damn Pedo Terrorists! (Score 1) 575

by msmonroe (#48134107) Attached to: Obama Administration Argues For Backdoors In Personal Electronics

Sorry to tickle your sensibilities Chester.

I hate to burst your bubble but all people who have sex with children are technically pedophiles if they have sex because they are attracted to that child. I am not sure about the "myth" that you are stating. There is a subset of pedophiles that don't have sex with children but are sexually attracted to children, I am not talking about those people. I am strongly against prosecuting people for mind crimes.

I am not for violating anyone rights until they commit an actual crime. If you think you can look and not touch and you're one of the good ones, then all I can say is only time will tell the tale.

Your argument is lame since you could describe a pharmacist, nurse or doctor as drug dealer. I am not sure what finite point you are trying to make but I am sure that you understand the implicit meaning of what I am saying anyway.

What if it was not illegal to have sex with children Chester? Would you still look and not touch?

In case of injury notify your superior immediately. He'll kiss it and make it better.