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Comment: No exploit (Score 1) 175

by mshenrick (#40615813) Attached to: FTC Reportedly Fining Google $22.5 Million Over Safari Privacy Abuse
Form what I remember, safari blocks third party cookies by default. Google used a trick to make it accept them that didn't really 'exploit' the software, as it was not really a bug. It's Apple's fault for having a browser with that flaw! You are responsible for code running on your computer. You cannot force a computer to accept a cookie! And sending cookies is not a crime!

Comment: Haven't they heard of redsn0w (Score 1) 91

by mshenrick (#40178257) Attached to: Apple Releases IOS Security Guide

Each step of the boot-up process contains components that are cryptographically signed by Apple to ensure integrity, and proceeds only after verifying the chain of trust. This includes the bootloaders, kernel, kernel extensions, and baseband firmware.

Haven't they heard of redsn01? (although A5 devices are more secure)

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