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+ - Experiences working as a Programmer for Blizzard and other Game Companies

Submitted by msheekhah
msheekhah (903443) writes "I have a friend who, when he gets out of college, has been promised a job at Texas Instruments making $70k. However, he wants to instead go work for Blizzard or some other game company as a game programmer. I've read enough on here and on other tech websites to know that he should take the TI job. Can you share with me your experiences so I can give him real life examples to convince him to take this job? If your experience is contrary to mine, I'd appreciate that input as well."

Comment: Re:I'm Sofa King We Tod Did (Score 3, Insightful) 203

by msheekhah (#42803559) Attached to: Google Redesigns Image Search, Raises Copyright and Hosting Concerns
Google is acting on feedback from ITS customers. You are not its customers. If you want to protect your context, then do a little research and take care of it. It's not difficult. The information is freely available on the internet how to block hotlinking. And think of the logistics, google will never ask site owners what they want. There are too many of you and not enough of them. That's why you have the option to keep Google off your site. Use it.

Comment: science and religion (Score 0) 528

by msheekhah (#42799783) Attached to: Ask Dr. Robert Bakker About Dinosaurs and Merging Science and Religion
Richard Dawkins makes a couple of good points in a recent talk. 1) If God exists, he has to manage a universe filled with billions of galaxies, each with billions of stars, and we're located on the outskirts in an ordinary solar system in an ordinary galaxy, only one species of potentially billions upon billions. Why does he care about sin and or our morality? That and 2) Using supernatural explanations for phenomenon is a way to chicken out, so you don't have to do real work to find out the real answer to said phenomenon.

Comment: worried (Score 5, Insightful) 183

by msheekhah (#42675385) Attached to: The Mobile App Design Tail Wags the Desktop Software Design Dog
I am seriously worried about the future of desktop computers. If the economies of scale shift too drastically, the hobbyist computer and computer gamer will be out of luck. While I think the current shift towards mobile is making computers more approachable to more people, for those of use that use computer for work rather than play, it's detrimental.

Comment: My own "hack" (not really a hack) (Score 2) 286

by msheekhah (#42658373) Attached to: Three Low-Tech Hacks for Phones and Tablets
I got a virgin mobile 3g/4g hotspot. I got the 2GB for $35/mo, which comes with unlimited wimax. Now, after 10GB/mo they will throttle you to 2mb/s, so it won't compare to Google Fiber, FIOS, or anything of that nature. In my experience it's more reliable and better speeds than Clear. So what I did was take my service-less Android, set up Google Voice, and downloaded Groove IP for Android. . So now I can make outbound and take inbound calls using Google Voice, carry the wireless hotspot in my pocket, disable 4g mode, and basically have phone and internet for $35/mo. As a single guy, this is pretty sweet. The virgin mobile is a little hard to activate, but the investment in terms of effort is worth it.

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