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Comment Re:Oh good, more contention. (Score 4, Interesting) 170

Artificial scarcity? Do you even have an inkling of how crowded the EM spectrum is? The military is having to give up bands that were exclusive to their use, TV stations were moved up into gigahertz bands to free up more space at lower frequencies for mobile use. Hell, they are even trying to open up spectrum between television channels. The FCC has done a huge amount to free up spectrum for evolving uses. I know it is fashionable to assume the government is bad at everything. So do go head and blather on.

Comment Re: America (Score 2) 396

"I don't plan to vote for Bernie, because I think he would lead the economy off a cliff"

You mean like Bush II and his Big Money cronies did in 2008?

There is some evidence that shows liberals policies of spreading the wealth around some actually make for a better economy than conservative policies to cut spending, especially on social programs, only to use the savings to cut taxes mainly for the very wealthy.

Comment If you are crossing the border... (Score 1) 396

...no warrant is required to search your person and property. Though there is a recent 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling saying this does not apply to digital content on an electronic device and that people can't be forced to provide passwords, I doubt it stands up when the Supremes rule, we'll see.

One of the big things the customs people look for on laptops and the like is child pornography. A lot of perverts travel to the far east to play with little boys and girls, taking pictures to remember their fun.

As far as I am concerned, if you are crossing a border, expect a thorough search and behave accordingly.

Comment Updates? Android?? (Score 1) 123

Exactly why I quit Android several years ago. I bought a new Android phone. It was on the market around 6 months when I bought it. Within three months it was announced, well listed a few pages deep into the manufacturer's web site, that there would be no further updates. That was it for me. Oh, yeah, it was a Samsung device.

Comment Screw Mars...For Now (Score 1) 194

Seriously, a manned mission to Mars now is a one off, plant the flag bit of stupidity. We go, we look around we plant the flag and take some pictures and then we come back. Complete waste. I don't want to even start buying in to the go to the moon as practice or as a stepping stone to Mars bit either. Screw Mars...For now.

There are plenty of great reasons to go to the moon again, build bases, and stay, permanently. Just for starts, science that is better done in vacuum without the debilitation of weightlessness, science that would benefit from being in the moon's EM shadow, science that would simply be safer not done on Earth at all. Perhaps, longer term, the moon is a manufacturing base to start exploring and exploiting the rest of the solar system. The moon could also be a sort of Ark to preserve bits of humanity just in case.

Whatever, the moon is only a few days a way. Getting there is doable now, or at least very soon. Getting there is doable by several different countries. It would be a great thing to cooperate and go do things on the moon together. Peaceful competition is also great motivation. Multiple countries involved in human spaceflight to the moon and around earth will necessarily help build earth orbital and cis-lunar infrastructure. With that kind of space-based infrastructure we might actually build the kind of spacecraft necessary to go to Mars and the other planets safely, and routinely. Think Discovery One, a la 2001.

Comment 16GB iPhone 6s is Fine By Me (Score 1) 324

I make phone calls, send texts (occasionally with photos attached), take pictures, do email and online banking. Sometimes I might use one of a handful of other apps. I have a couple of GB of music. I have 5-6GB more music and photos in my iCloud account. Right now I have like 10GB free on my 16GB iPhone 6. What was the problem again?

Comment Re:So now we have a new paradox... (Score 1) 172

It's like saying that the information on my degaussed and melted down backup disk drive is *still* there, if I just knew how to reassemble it properly. That backup disk is just a pile of slag, the information it contained is gone. I'm sorry, that sure looks like we lost information to me...

Physicists define information differently than normal people or computer types. They will tell you that if they know all details at the quantum level they can walk it all back and recover the original quantum state, AKA the information.

Comment Contrary to Accepted Slashdot Wisdom (Score 1) 344

A serious case can be made that use of an off the books, private server might actually be a good thing. The Bush administration had one for all the big boys to deal directly with one another. I believe they cooked up the Iraq war and several other interesting plots this way. Executive level types need a way to speak openly with one another so they can get such important things done without worrying about who might be listening in now or reviewing their conversations in the future. Once the job is done the server is destroyed.

One can also make the point that the government has been hacked and remains hackable. From the Pentagon to the White House to the State Department all of them have been hacked. The Clinton's private server on the other hand remained secure. Set up by a state department staffer and guarded by the Secret Service. Known only to a limited universe of Clinton confidants and government officials it was far less of a target than official government run IT.

Comment Re:really... (Score 1) 622

"Some scholars believe, however, that Muhammad did not receive the Quran from heaven, as he claimed during his lifetime..."

My brain died a little bit just from reading that.

Me too. I mean how could he claim it after his lifetime?

Dude, this is RELIGION we are talking about. Dead prophets can talk to us as they please.

Comment Re:Only because it is free. (Score 2) 246

That's not the whole story. Lots of OSs are free but don't have 5% market share. It helps that Win10 is a really good OS and is getting solid reviews.

The OP was right:

Er... that's just NOT GOOD. I understand it's early days but for a FREE (in fact, in-your-fucking-face-you-will-have-this-whether-you-like-it-or-not) upgrade, that's just worrying."

Microsoft has been doing everything short of force upgrading Windows 10 without permission on their Windows 7/8 install base. I never gave them permission but they took advantage of "Automatic Updates" to install the Windows 10 Reservation ADWARE on my computer. I never made a reservation but again, Microsoft abused my trust and downloaded the Windows 10 upgrade bits to my computer anyway. How much longer until they just go ahead and trigger the update and force me to extricate myself from the predicament?

Microsoft have full screen adverts on their web properties exhorting users top get their free upgrade. I've even seen it in Windows Update as a pre-selected Optional Update!

Considering the lengths to which they are going, I'd have expected them to be reporting far higher numbers by now.

I wonder when they will report numbers on how many people have reverted back to 7, 8 or 8.1?

Comment Can You Say Lawsuit? (Score 4, Interesting) 187

So, basically AT&T is placing their advertising on someone's web site without paying for the privilege? Were I the content owner, I'd be speaking to my lawyers first thing. The sad thing is that major companies don't even seem to worry breaching the public's trus or their reputations anymore. How long until Comcast decides to force extra advertising into my cable internet browsing. Oh! That's right, I cancelled them after the NetFlix throttling episode. So now, I guess I have to cancel DirecTV (AT&T) too.

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