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Submission + - What Happens When Science Enables Aborting Babies With The 'Gay Gene'?->

An anonymous reader writes: Bruce Carroll writes at the Independent Journal Review, "One gets the sense these days that the once far away, anti-Utopian worlds of George Orwell, ... and Aldous Huxley are actually here. ... The crux of my concern ... is the inevitable intersection of “safe abortions” and genetic selection to weed out “undesirables.” Genetic selection has reared its head already over the past few decades in China — girls are aborted and boys are the favored gender. In the United States ... a steep reduction in the number of Down’s Syndrome babies over the last decade ... So what do the LGBTQ activists — who are mostly left-wing — do when faced with the inevitable collision of “gay rights” and “reproductive rights”? We seem to be on the verge of the science community agreeing that there are genetic underpinnings to being born gay. ... None other than ultra-conservative Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum conceded the point this week in an interview with openly-gay MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow. ... This is quite a dilemma for pro-abortion gay activists ... Donors to gay rights groups and pro-abortion groups are frequently the same individuals, and millions are exchanged between these two causes. ... gay activists frequently cite “abortion rights” as a keystone to achieving overall LGBT equality. I wonder if gay activists realize that their ... devotion to pro-abortion political organizations, and the multi-million dollar abortion industry itself, may ultimately lead to the destruction of LGBT babies before they are born within my lifetime."
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Comment Outsourcing? Recession? (Score 1) 250 250

So, if job .NET postings are down on some job listing site does could that mean that there are fewer ,NET jobs here or is a lot of the work being contracted to India? Perhaps there is an overall slowdown in the market? Seems a pretty weak data to support a pretty flimsy argument.

Comment Re:Always a cheaper fish... (Score 1) 85 85

Well, China has been playing games with taxes and regulation a bit lately and a properly outfitted labor camp anywhere convenient in China has become exorbitantly costly. I think Made in Vietnam is just a stopgap. Myanmar next? The day when major corporations own and operate their own countries is not too far off. Pesky governments always wanting their cut and all....

Comment Fresh and Modern look? (Score 1) 516 516

I think "fresh and modern look" is designer speak for the fashion trend du jour. This is like all of Windows 8, 8.1 and now 10. "Screw actual usability and functionality...we'll never sell this to the Apple sheep unless it is fresh and modern". Note to Microsoft, you aren't going to sell this to the Apple types, they'll never settle for "just as good as" and you are only pissing off your own user base. Get over Metro already. Release Windows Classic with the Windows 7 GUI and the more recent kernel refinements under the hood. You can always make the Metro run-time available as an option if folks just have to run Metro apps on their computers.

Comment Why CurrentC Will Beat Out Apple Pay??? (Score 1) 631 631

Hmmm, CurrentC works with my Debit Card or Checking account, Apple Pay works with my credit cards. CurrentC makes me liable for any fraud, Apple Pay leaves my credit card fraud protection in place. CurrentC will be harder to use and give all sorts of info to merchants, Apple Pay is easy and nearly anonymous. The only way I ever sign up for CurrentC is if the government withdraws cash from circulation and makes CurrentC mandatory. I am not handing over keys to my debit card / checking account to anyone. As it is, I use my debit card sparingly and watch my account closely. I am sure CurrentC will gain some traction because of WalMart but we'll see. QR codes really caught on, didn't they?

Comment Another day another major data breach... (Score 1) 101 101

I vote that we force these corporations to take data security and IT in general more seriously. First, cut off their online credit card processing. They can use the old mechanical card swipers for a while. Once they have seriously upgraded their systems, and been independently audited, they can go back online. Require them to submit to thorough systems audits and spot checks for 5 years or so. Perhaps corporate management will get the message that IT may not be a profit center but it is necessary to continued operations.

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