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Comment Missing the point? (Score 1) 242

Big companies like Google, Apple, Intel, etc. buy companies for access to their technology, for their patents and sometimes for their personnel. It is almost the normal thing for the purchased companies to be absorbed and their services to wound down. Google wants you to use nearly spam free G-Mail, not your own mail server or local ISP's mail service, so why would they continue offering a standalone anti-spam service? McAfee sells anti-spam as part of their security suites, why on earth would they sell the anti-spam service they've bought as an independent service under someone else's name?

Intel? Well who knows what goes on at Intel. My guess is that one management committee doesn't know what the other management committee is doing and haven't for decades now. Ditto Microsoft, IBM, etc.

Comment Re:Paper rockets (Score 1) 155

"So, every time the balance of power shifts, the new legislature/administration immediately cancels the space program decided upon by the previous administration/legislature"

Well then, you are in luck!

Obama wanted to cancel manned space exploration and shift support of the existing ISS to a commercial, contracted manned taxi service. Instead a bipartisan, manned space exploration program, beginning with development of the SLS was mandated by Congress. Obama got some money for commercial manned space taxis too.

The only thing I see changing, regardless of who the next president is, might be joining the Europeans in going to the moon and putting Mars on the back burner, where IMHO, it belongs.

Comment The End Of The (Western) World As We Know It (Score 2) 197

Just one more example of how giant, multi-national corporations are increasing their stranglehold on governance of western countries. Can you image taking a family picture in your own home that happened to include some stupid designer chair or couch, then posting to FaceBook to share with your relatives, only to get a DMCA takedown notice to remove it or else? What if that was the last pic of dear old Aunt Granny that you ever took??

From what I understand, you can't post a vacation picture of the Eiffel Tower at night because there's a copyright on the evening light show. Ditto a number of other designer buildings in Europe, day or night.

It is enough to put one off of capitalism in general and the modern implementation of it in the U.S., Europe, Japan, Australia, etc. in particular. What has happened to the public good or the commonwealth?

Comment Just let Business Get Down To Business (Score 0) 91

Like we've been telling you for the past 30 years or so. Get government out of the way and let business get to business. The capitalist way will take care of this.

We don't need any of this socialist nonsense about running fiber to every single household like we did copper last century. Why should ratepayers who can afford service have to subsidize service to poor neighborhoods and rural areas? They probably don't have computers anyhow.

Comment Re:Rally? facebook login? (Score 1) 316

OMG the most popular option is Facebook login for everything? The same company that is also the one most synonymous for "all your data belong to us" and will sell it to anyone with a buck? Wow you guys leave me speechless.

Did you read the other options or even the poll? They are all about destroying the Internet. Requiring Facebook looks like an effective way to do that.

Facebook is only one of the companies trying to segment (or appify if you will) the Internet. Don't be a grandpa. More than half of Internet traffic is via apps these days and the number is growing every year. Next generation probably won't even know what a web browser is.

Comment Re:I originally liked Trump... (Score 2, Informative) 316

Are you kidding?

His announcement speech was the first salvo in the almost non-stop demagoguery coming out of his mouth. "Round up the illegal Mexican aliens they are all rapists, drug smugglers and terrorists."

Go to YouTube and search for Mussolini Taranto Speech. I know it's in Italian and all but watch the body language and facial expressions. There is an uncanny resemblance between Mussolini and Trump. If you understood the Italian you'd note more similarity there.

Trump is engaging in nothing but old school appeal to people's basest emotions and worst fears. The problem is that he happens to be good at it. I guess it is how he conned so many people into investing in his deals over the years.

Comment Re:I understand the consternation (Score 1) 665

"But I'm glad Microsoft is shedding legacy so aggressively. There's no way the OS will install itself automatically. It'll merely be downloaded to your machine (or machines). Install it if you want to, or don't, you still have choice."

Shill much?

Microsoft has no business pushing 6GB down to our computers without having explicit, opt-in permission from the computer's owner. Some of us have limited bandwidth and other have limited free space on our hard drives. Further they have no business installing an always running nag with no option to tell it "no, thanks".

I wonder how many computers they'll break with their plan to automatically install Windows 10 via Windows Update come next year? I know I've been busy reverting folks' computers for them so far.

Microsoft's behavior with their "Get Windows Ten" campaign has been shameful, if not criminal!

Comment Apple UI Mistakes? (Score 5, Insightful) 462

Seems like the whole industry, not just Apple, has succumbed to the same ethos in UI design. Gone are borders and shading. Can't have more than one obvious hamburger menu icon. It is all white on white other than lots of rectangles filled with imagery, probably updating the imagery frequently. Past that controls are hidden swipes, slides, presses and all guesses.

Comment Re:Not sure I agree (Score 1) 397

"The notion of ceding control of something as fundamental to life as growing and hunting the food to feed my family to a big, opaque corporation - people are not comfortable with that". And look how well that has worked out. High levels of obesity and diabetes. Cancer causing additives. Melamine in baby formula. Etc. Etc.

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