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Comment: Re:Leaked by codenomicon (Score 1) 430

by msauve (#46762313) Attached to: How Does Heartbleed Alter the 'Open Source Is Safer' Discussion?
Gloat? About what? This only provides proof of the benefits of open source - a significant flaw was discovered, which is exactly the claimed advantage - the more eyes, the better.

Anyone who would claim that proprietary software is somehow more secure is making a huge leap - there are only a few eyes, if any, looking for unreported issues - so there may be even more serious issues which have existed for much longer, which only a few bad guys know about. If MS or anyone else thinks that their proprietary SSL implementation has no security breaches, let them put a guarantee with full financial liability behind that thought.

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by msauve (#46727079) Attached to: 'weev' Conviction Vacated
How can an AC be expected to actually read the ruling they're commenting on, which specifically addresses his complaint?

There was no evidence at trial that Auernheimerâ(TM)s actions evinced any contact with New Jersey, much less contact that was âoesubstantial.â The Government has not cited, and we have not found, any case where the locus of the effects, standing by itself, was sufficient to confer constitutionally sound venue./blockquote)

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by msauve (#46726913) Attached to: 'weev' Conviction Vacated

Spitler was in San Francisco, California and Auernheimer was in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The servers that they accessed were physically located in Dallas, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. Although no evidence was presented regarding the location of the Gawker reporter, it is undisputed that he was not in New Jersey.

He was indicted and tried in NJ, despite none of the involved parties being located there.


The Graffiti Drone 126

Posted by Soulskill
from the vandalism-goes-high-tech dept.
tedlistens writes: "KATSU is known for his adventurous and speculative vandalism, but his new project is not fake or hypothetical, though it does elevate his work to new heights. He has developed a system to attach a spray can to a quadcopter, creating one of the world's first graffiti drones. The drone is capable of spraying canvases or walls hundreds of feet high, granting the artist access to spaces that were previously inaccessible. At the Silicon Valley Contemporary art fair, which opened Thursday, KATSU is showing a series of drone-painted canvasses — and preparing to take the drone out on the town. 'There are a lot of disadvantages to drones, you know. It's not like, "oh, I'll slip off the edge of this bridge and die,"' he tells the Center for the Study of the Drone at Motherboard, which also has a video. 'Its like, "I might have the drone drift off and I might kill someone."'"

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Einstein taught us that no point of reference is special. It's perfectly legitimate to state that everything goes around the earth. It does make the movements of everything else very complex though, since they then don't follow Keplerian orbits. It also breaks some of Newton's laws (like inertia, since other planets sometimes reverse course).

But, fixing all of that is just a matter of using different math and creating different physical laws. The accepted convention of the Earth orbiting the Sun is simply the one which we've found to have the simplest math and laws.

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