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Comment: Re:Creators wishing to control their creations... (Score 1) 268

Also, under what circumstances does extending the copyright of an existing work encourage the creation of new works? It's exactly the opposite - if they can live off income created from old works, there's less incentive to create new ones.

Comment: Re:Have Both (Score 1) 567

by msauve (#48577643) Attached to: The Case For Flipping Your Monitor From Landscape to Portrait
"Why would you want to limit yourself to only one screen?"

Desktop real estate? How about a laptop with support for only a single display?

You need to provide a citation to back up your claim, I don't believe it except for specific cases (e.g. CAD or DTP). How do multiple screens help productivity for a typical user who does email, or word processing, or spreadsheet, or even web browsing (where a multiple document interface is near ubiquitous).

Comment: Re:Someone has (Score 1) 270

by msauve (#48576471) Attached to: Keurig 2.0 Genuine K-Cup Spoofing Vulnerability
"Keurigs one selling point is that only coffee that is wanted gets made"

My Breville Youbrew (I have no affiliation...) does that, too. The amount is variable from a small cup through a full pot. Strength is adjustable. No extra waste if you use the gold foil basket. Plus, it will grind fresh beans immediately before brewing. So, the only incremental costs are coffee beans, water and electricity.

And, if you just want hot water, or want to fill the basket with something other than ground beans from the hopper, you can do that, too.

All easily done by pushing a few buttons.

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