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+ - Python creator Guido van Rossum leaving Google for Dropbox->

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mrvan writes "Guido van Rossum, the proclaimed python Benevolent Dictator For Life, is leaving Google in january to work for Dropbox. He is currently employed by Google, where he spends half his time developing the Python language. In their announcement, DropBox state that they relied heavily on python from the beginning, citing a mix of simplicity, flexibility, and elegance, and are excited to have GvR on the team. While this is without a doubt good news for DropBox, the big question is what this will mean for python (and for google)."
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+ - E.U. Fines Microsoft (another) $1.3 Billion 1

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mrvan (973822) writes "The New York Times writes: "European antitrust regulators on Wednesday fined Microsoft $1.3 billion for failing to comply with a 2004 judgment that the company had abused its market dominance. Microsoft had earlier been fined after the commission determined in 2004 that the company had abused the dominance of its Windows operating system to gain unfair market advantage. The commission imposed the new fine Wednesday, it said, because the company had not met the prescribed remedies after the earlier judgment. "Microsoft was the first company in 50 years of E.U. competition policy that the commission has had to fine for failure to comply with an antitrust decision," the European competition commissioner, Neelie Kroes, said in a statement."
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+ - Electoral Compass for 2008 Presidential Elections->

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mrvan writes "The Electoral Compass was launched today by political scientists from the Free University Amsterdam in cooperation with the Wall Street Journal. On this voting aid website, you can fill in your position on a number of issues and compare it with that of the various candidates. Most importantly, at the end you can compare the differences per issue and see the debate transcripts or newspaper articles that contain the issue position of the candidate. An interesting point is that the researchers did not ask the candidates for their position, which carries a risk of getting optimized or manipulative answers. Instead, they coded the statements of the candidates found in the media and debates. More information about this compass and similar efforts for the last Dutch general elections can be found here."
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