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+ - Neutrinos: Yup, they're faster than light.->

Submitted by mrthoughtful
mrthoughtful (466814) writes "The CERN team who announced neutrinos may travel faster than light has carried out an improved version of their experiment — and found the same result.

Acknowledged critics of the first report had said that the long bunches of neutrinos used could introduce an error into the test.

The new work, posted to, used much shorter bunches.

It has been submitted to the Journal of High Energy Physics, but has not yet been reviewed by the scientific community."

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+ - How can we get a user-base for our GPL language?->

Submitted by mrthoughtful
mrthoughtful (466814) writes "Obyx is an innovative GPLv3 licensed, C++ based, XML-syntax, web template language and engine that we have been developing over the last seven years; and we have used it successfully in the field for the last three years or so for many willing and happy clients.

The language is designed to be easy to learn and to encourage Model-View-Control development. With an XML syntax, and working on XML, it could also be called a Formatting engine (think XSLT but easier), or a Pipeline language (think XProc but more developed); and with a trivial extension to the XPath syntax it does away with the need for FLWR expressions; it is also strongly integrated with RMDBS (either Mysql or PostgreSQL) for storage, having been designed for LAMP architectures.

Because we are a small team, we haven't got the budget or the human resource available to take up membership with W3C, or go out and spend fortunes on marketing. We aren't a great university, or some mega corporation. So far, we can count the number of users on the fingers of one hand. There are lots of other languages that do the same sorts of thing, like PHP.

So, how can we pick up a user base? What kind of community involvement should we expect to invest?"

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+ - Conversion of proprietary codebase into GPL?

Submitted by mrthoughtful
mrthoughtful (466814) writes "We have worked for several man-years on the development of various proprietary software components, some of which we have no decided to release under GPL, including a new xml scripting language.

What we are looking for is a checklist, or a licensing migration guide in order to best manage the transition regarding the distribution, maintenance and management of OSS under GPL.

Unfortunately, most of the links I can find are based on how users may convert from proprietary to GPL software — but there is little I can find regarding the migration process from the supplier's point of view."

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