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Comment: I wonder whether China (Score 3, Interesting) 266

Will 'resolve' the situation themselves to prevent South Korea, USA and other countries to have to intervene when North Korea goes to far. They would be able to establish a government friendly to China and preserve their interests in the region. Also, they would be able to show their military power in a war every other nation will find just.

Comment: Re:Newspeak (Score 1) 280

by mrstrano (#43014195) Attached to: West Virgnia Auditor Finds Cisco Router Purchase Not Performed Legally

I don't see anything morally wrong with what Cisco did. From the report: "The Legislative Auditor believes that the Cisco sales representatives and engineers had a moral responsibility to propose a plan which reasonably complied with Cisco's own engineering standards," Cisco had a responsibility to sell the highest dollar amount of its product. West Virginia had the responsibility of doing due diligence before buying millions of dollars worth of equipment. If there was no bribing, then nothing morally or legally wrong happened. West Virginia official, on the other hand, wasted millions of dollars by not doing their job and should be fired.

Comment: Re:Nice, but that raises a new question. (Score 2) 215

by mrstrano (#42570345) Attached to: Amazon AutoRip — 14 Years Late

I don't think it's a fair apples to apples comparison. Making an ebook requires additional effort. There no automatic "ripping" for books, and they require specific formatting and typesetting. Similarly, a remastered version of a movie at a different resolution is technically the "same movie", but you wouldn't claim a right to the higher definition work because you probably realize that additional work went into the creation of that content.

On the other hand, if you could scan and convert your books automatically, you would probably have a right to keep that copy. This is my opinion as an armchair lawyer.

Comment: Re:Just "gaming" headsets, you say? (Score 1) 107

EEGs are terrible when used as polygraph in a court of law. This is because they are not perfect and make mistakes fairly often, therefore cannot be used as evidence beyond reasonable doubt. However, if you want to get "some" information about a person, with only a degree of certainty, they are pretty damn good.

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