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by mrsquid0 (#46703363) Attached to: Navy Creates Fuel From Seawater

People in many parts of the world already pay the equivalent of US$7 for petrol, so the projected cost is quite viable for automobile use. However, it is likely that efficiencies of scale will bring down the price of seawater fuel if a mass production system is developed. If that is the case then this fuel could easily compete with conventional petrol at the pump.

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> I wouldn't trust your average yahoo who has a plane and license.

Fortunately your average yahoo does not have a plane and a license. In Canada and the US (I can't speak for anywhere else) getting a pilot's license is not easy. It requires significant training, studying, and testing. Your average yahoo simply would not be able to cut it.

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by mrsquid0 (#46685843) Attached to: NASA Laying Foundation For Jupiter Moon Space Mission

That is not the reason. The reason that there has not been a dedicated Europa mission is because it will be a very expensive mission and the money is not available. The reason that the money is not available is because the US government does not want to give NASA the required funding. If the US congress offered to give NASA the money, and kept the funding going for the 15-20 years that would be required to do a long-term exploration of Europa, then NASA would jump at the opportunity. There is also a matter of rivalries between JPL and various NASA centers, but a reliable funding stream would go a long way towards resolving those.

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by mrsquid0 (#46523493) Attached to: Facebook's Face Identification Project Is Accurate 97.25% of the Time

CVDazzle is an interesting idea, but one would need to change their hair and face style randomly, and fairly frequently, to defeat algorithms that try to match the dazzle style. Razzle-dazzle worked well for military camouflage because it takes advantage of problems with the human brain's pattern matching abilities. However, it does not work as well against neural net algorithms that know that they are looking for objects that are camouflaged this way. Still, this could make for an interesting fashion fad.

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by mrsquid0 (#46510001) Attached to: Big Bang's Smoking Gun Found

The AC may be referring to results from the Planck observatory (see, e.g.,, which put some constraints on the inflationary era. What is interesting is the results that were released today may not completely agree with the Planck data. It is too early to say if the disagreement is real or not.

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Once again, rubbish.

There are decades of observational evidence that support the existence of dark matter. If you have any evidence that those observations are wrong, or have been interpreted incorrectly then feel free to present that evidence. You are making an extraordinary claim, that many years of research is wrong. You now need to provide evidence to back up your claim.

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Again, rubbish.

There is evidence for dark matter from many areas of astronomy. Others have listed observational evidence and provided links to details. Follow them. I am not going to do your homework for you. Simply saying that something does not exist because you do not understand it, or because you do not want it to exist, or because you have a grudge against science is magical thinking.

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