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Comment 64 digits from a password gener Re:Not for animals (Score 1) 186

Hello Mr. Meval you've contracted a bad case of Q9fPfmk2roBWZuQqjeCFf2xfInOWtzMeuXvyVP8PtSeq6sgDU60kkLY6bQ13MT4k and we will have to use antibiotic R1rMzq5rM6 for at least six weeks. Please make your check payable to the l18O5pQQDAQDAXAesU56 medical clinic of Medina

Comment Re:So what online storage is safe? (Score 1) 23

If you' are not encrypting the stuff before they get it. You're a fool.

I don't see the point when my NAS is available, I use Openvpn and it's trivial to setup securely. Changes are encrypted and stored on that miraculous thing called a server I own that is co-located on a remote island. It is cheap and I only store encrypted backups on it.

I am taking notes on what else I should do to protect that stuff further. ;)

Comment Re:Heh. (Score 1) 143

It could be
done by
1) them
2) a fan without their knowledge to whip up the skeer or
      a) just as a prank
3) It could be done by a bewildering number of government, quasi-government, eiteh at the national, regional or local level.
4) A vigilante
5) their ex.
6) a crazy person targeting them for kidnapping because they know how well they will taste with carrots.

i.e. apropos of nothing

Comment Re:Overstamp First? (Score 1) 133

The serial is usually in a non critical spot. Just drill it out and fill it with silver solder.

If you want a perfect solution, live in a state in the US which isn't a liberal distopia you can build your own firearm legally as long as it's not covered under the NFA.

If it's one of the cast zinc firearms have your cat pee on it. It will be destroyed within days. ;)

Comment Re:planned? (Score 1) 577

They've been at the for years. The high tech method before all this newfangled automation was called a autonomous meat sack with a pen and paper. Now that they funnel participants in to buy a ticked they can just slap up a camera and record away.

Comment Re:Do it yourself? (Score 1) 130

I used a video capture card with Svideo input. I found after many trials that VLC worked well in capture mode with a tape that had issues. I had to manually clean the video and audio heads in the thrift store VCR and used another tape to verify the VCR worked wel mechanically. It still took two attempts. I then transfered it from the Windows 7 box to a Linux box and had FFmpeg transcode it after bleeding the docs for a couple hours and fumbling with several attempts.

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