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Comment: It would be nice if OpenSSH could query LDAP (Score 1) 212

by mridley (#42398621) Attached to: Lax SSH Key Management A "Big Problem"
It would be nice if OpenSSH could query an LDAP server for the sshPublicKey field directly. There's a patch that does it, but as far as I know it's not integrated into the main ssh code base that ships with general Linux distributions. Supporting that and then having people use the SSHFP record with secure DNS would be nice additions to SSH best practices.

Comment: Why would Intel be an alternative to Samsung? (Score 1) 246

by mridley (#41734825) Attached to: Apple, ARM, and Intel
I skimmed the source articles and I'm confused as to the premise of this discussion that it makes any sense to move from Samsung to Intel for ARM fabrication. Intel may have some foundry business but I would think if Apple were looking at an alternate foundry they would be considering options like TSMC or UMC, not Intel. Although doing some Googling to check my facts on this comment since I've been out of the semiconductor world for a long time does reveal that apparently Apple did consider TSMC. But that still leaves plenty of third party foundries.

Comment: Re:A week? (Score 1) 1246

by mridley (#26909323) Attached to: Student Arrested For Classroom Texting
My school also had those rules regarding carrying a pager being grounds for explusion. While I wasn't thrilled with the rules at the time, I nevertheless followed them. I did actually own a pager my senior year (couldn't afford a cell phone), but I didn't bring it to school.

I found it all kind of ridiculous, but my solution was to graduate 2 years early, not to fuck with the administration. Didn't seem worth the time or energy.


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