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Journal Journal: Linux firewalls and Linux documentation

Folks, OSS and Linux are doomed unntil such date as decent documentation becomes available. And if decent docs can be found, they are usually out of date or in the wrong language. Dammit. I'm not the Linux god most readers of /. claim to be, but I do make a living as a linux admin and engineer, and Im currently trying to put together a FREES/Wan firewall. Freeswan docs are mediocre, and most of the kernel patching docs are either outdated, poorly written, in conflict with themselves, or are just plain wrong. OSS developers usually give one of a few standard lines, such as "I provided the code, so the docs are your problem", or "hey...it IS free...don't complain". I do agree the price is nice, but if they want the code to be used for either prestige or in hopes of getting development help, then THE DARN THING NEEDS TO BE USABLE. Usable by a decent, smart admin, not just those who are actively working on the project. *sigh* I guess i'll just have to kludge up my own. OR...wait for the 2.6 kernel since IPSEC is gonna be onboard, and the #$^% FS code will go away.

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